Vont LED Camping Lantern Review

Whether you’re camping outdoors, or know that you live in an area with a lot of outages, storms, and emergencies, having some kind of backup light is actually pretty useful. And while many would make the argument that a smartphone’s LED flash is more than enough, that’s actually pretty far from the truth. If you want good light, and you want it to last a good while, that’s not going to cut it.

So, how do you get good light for everything from camping, to power outages? Well, you turn to Vont and take a look at their LED Camping Lantern. It’s a compact, yet extremely useful and very practical solution that will give you plenty of light whenever you need it. Is it worth it? Let’s take a look at our Vont LED Lantern review and find out!

The Vont on the outside

When you’re looking at a camping light, many people who aren’t well into the camping world think of a conventional flashlight. However, with a conventional flashlight, you can’t hang it off something, and you can’t leave it on the ground, or in your tent, while you tend to other matters.

Well, things are a bit different from the Vont. It’s a typical lantern, one with a cylindrical shape and a completely flat base that allows you to rest it on any surfaces you want. There are two handles at the top which also allow you to hang the lantern from a branch or anything else for that matter. Those two handles are slim, yet pretty comfortable, so you can carry around the Vont if you need to.

While we’re talking about the outside, you’ll appreciate the unique design. It’s collapsible, which means that you can have the Vont be pretty small. And by “pretty small” we mean it’s as tall as an average smartphone. This allows you to easily fit it in a backpack, or any kind of emergency kit. On the other hand, when you do need the Vont’s light, all you have to do is expand it. You don’t even have to expand it completely – the amount of light you get depends on how much you do so. There’s a nifty feature here that doesn’t require an on/off switch, but instead, the light turns on or off based on whether you expand the lantern or not.

One more thing that must be mentioned here is the build quality itself. Unlike other products that tend to use plastic as their material of choice, if you opt for the Vont LED lantern, you get an aircraft-grade material as a major part of the construction. Yes, there is a bit of ABS plastic as well, but that’s only at a few places that aren’t too fragile, and where you can’t damage it. And they do help quite a bit to keep that impressive weight of 10 oz. Yes, that’s 10 oz with the batteries inside.

While we’re talking about the externals, there’s one thing that makes the Vont pretty impressive. Its build allows it to survive a 10-foot drop, which is something that might happen when you’re out camping. The construction is also waterproof, although there’s no mention of an official IP rating. Therefore, we wouldn’t advise that you use this underwater. Sure, submerging it for a moment might not harm it, which also means that if you drop it in a puddle, you’ll have enough time to get it out without it breaking down completely.

All things considered, the build of the Vont, and especially the build quality is quite impressive. It’s designed to be small, yet very useful, and come with a couple of highly convenient features that might come in handy in a variety of situations.

What about the lights and battery life?

We had quite a few nice words to say about the outside and the build, but now we arrive at the most important part of the lantern – the LEDs themselves, and how long you can use it. Spoiler alert: they’re great, and the battery is terrific.

The LEDs inside have a light output of 140 lumens. This is actually pretty great. Add to that the fact that the collapsible design allows you to reduce that output by not expanding the lantern completely, and you’ve got yourself an excellent little adjustable light. There are 30 LEDs organized in a circular pattern, so you get 360 degrees of light. The 140 lumens should be more than sufficient when you need to light up your tent, or a room in which there’s no electricity.

The last thing we’d like to mention is the battery life. The Vont LED Lantern works with three AA batteries, which aren’t included in the package. They’re pretty cheap anyway, so this isn’t an issue. What’s impressive is that the battery life is around 12 hours if you keep things to a maximum, and if you’re out of juice, replacing the batteries is a piece of cake.

Wrapping things up – a few final words

There’s one thing that must be said when it comes to the Vont LED lantern – it’s an excellent choice for pretty much anybody. You get an excellent feature set, a terrific build, and great performance, and while you’d expect to pay a hefty price, the Vont actually comes at a very reasonable price. Add to that the fact that you actually get two lanterns for that reasonable price, and you’ve got yourself a jackpot.

It doesn’t matter whether you throw it in your backpack for your next camping trip, or you keep it on a shelf for home use, or both (since you have two of them), the Vont LED lantern is a truly great option for anyone looking for a compact light that will last them a good while and is built like a tank.



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