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GEERTOP Toproad 2 Person 4 Season Tent Review

The Bottom Line

The GEERTOP Toproad is a 2-person 4-season tent that is easy on the wallet and hosts several attractive features. With some serious water resistance ratings and a spacious interior, this is an excellent option for the budget-conscious car camper who may want to venture into some more inclement weather. However, the overall weight of this tent system makes it generally not viable for backpacking applications. 

geertop toproad 4-season 2-person tent

At a Glance

  • Weight: 
    6.4 lbs
  • Sleeping Area: 
    55″ x 83″
  • Packaged Dimensions: 
    17.3″ x 6.7″
  • Height:
  • Total Footprint:
    83″ x 101″
  • Material:
    210T anti-tear polyester

A modern renewal of interest in the outdoors is currently underway as more and more people discover the wonders of camping, hiking, and backpacking. However, one of the significant hurdles newcomers have is navigating the plethora of gear and equipment options available in the marketplace—particularly when it comes to the basics like backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents. Navigating the waters of outdoor recreational equipment is daunting. There are seemingly endless varieties, styles, and applications for every piece of equipment imaginable! And the price points can be dizzying when you take a look at what some items sell for.

For this reason, it is generally not advisable for beginners or novices to jump into the deep end and purchase expensive gear. It takes time to figure out what you do and do not like in the feature sets of your equipment. Experimentation and trying new methods are essential. 

Camping is a unique and individualized experience, with every person having their preferences, wants, and needs, which is why pieces of equipment like the GEERTOP Toproad 4 season 2 Person tent fill such a valuable niche. A great budget option for an individual or couple who are just starting to dip their toes into the great outdoors, this is a tent that will cover most situations for even the most adventurous campers!

Providing rigid stability, a plethora of convenient features, protection from the elements in all seasons, and a reasonable price, this is a tent that requires serious consideration if you happen to be in the market for a budget tent with multiple weather applications.   

geertop toproad 4-seasons tent

The Nitty-Gritty

Diving right into some technical specifications, this tent brings an impressive set of stats to the table for such a comparatively cheap price point. At just under $120, this is cheaper than almost any other four-season tent you will find on the market.

It is more affordable than most two-person tents, period! Add the more than capable water resistance specs on top, and you end up with a tent that is hard to pass on.

Still in the package, the dimensions are 17.3’ x 6.7’. Once set up, the footprint grows to 101’ x 83’ with a roomy 55’ x 83’ sleeping area inside the tent. The tent walls are constructed with 210T anti-tear polyester, which is just technical jargon indicating the thread count. Polyester is naturally water-resistant, and GEERTOP adds an additional water resistance layer on top of this for a final PU 3000mm water resistance rating. Once again, this is simply technical jargon. All you need to know is that this tent performs very well in wet conditions, with multiple customers reporting no issues whatsoever in heavy snowfall.

However, one area that is not entirely clear is performance in heavy rain, which is inherently different than snow when it comes to water resistance. Wall material can be completely water repellent, but if the seams connecting the pieces of fabric have not been sealed, then water can still get inside the tent during rain events. If this were to become an issue, sealing kits are readily and cheaply available for at-home DIY applications.

One final point of mention regarding technical specifications is the weight. At a hefty 6.4lbs, this is not recommended to be used as a backpacking tent. General guidelines suggest that a tent weighs 2.5lbs per person when backpack camping. So even if one person were to carry the tent for two campers, this would still exceed the 5lb overall suggested limit. But the guidelines are just that, guidelines. If you are dedicated to hiking in the extra weight, then go for it! But my suggestion would be to keep this as a go-to for car camping. 

Setup & Layout

Setup is quick and easy, taking just about 5 minutes from start to finish once you have familiarized yourself with the process. The Toproad is a freestanding tent, which means that all of the poles and equipment necessary for setup are included in the package (compared to more lightweight backpacking tents that rely on trekking poles you are assumed to own already). The poles are aluminum, which translates to lightweight strength for a rigid and reliable support system. 

Two separate door flaps enable access from both sides of the tent. Both access points also have an inner mesh door that will keep bugs out but enable airflow and keep a view readily available for fair-weather camping excursions. On the outermost layer of the tent, there are external rain flaps that can be rolled up and pinned out of the way in good weather. Or, if rain is expected, it can be staked out to provide a small amount of protection for boots or other gear that you may not want inside or that will not fit if there are multiple people sleeping inside. 

geertop toproad tent features


A host of conveniences and features help make this tent incredibly versatile—gear storage options about both inside and out of the main sleeping compartment. One slight concern with the previously rainfly is that they do not cover much surface area. While this may be fine for one person and their gear, if two people are sleeping in the tent and need to protect equipment from the rain, they may be out of luck or need an alternative solution. 

GEERTOP has other tent options that provide more area outside of the tent for protecting gear. We expand on these alternative options later in the article. Several loops on the tent roof allow lanterns or other lighting systems to be hung in a convenient, out-of-the-way position. 


For those who want to experience the great outdoors in all seasons without straying too far from their means of transportation, then this tent may be just what you are looking for. Campsites, dispersed camping, and small on-foot treks are all applications I would recommend utilizing the Toproad system.

The ease of setup and rigid stability make this a viable piece of equipment for most weather conditions throughout the year. Make sure the rest of your equipment is up to the same standard, though. A tent may keep you dry, but it won’t keep you very warm if your clothing layers and sleeping bag aren’t up to handling the same weather conditions. 

You may find yourself in deep water and tiring quickly if you decide to try and hike this in over any significant distance, though, due to the weight. Stay close to your car, and you should be fine! 

Other Options

The Toproad isn’t the only offering from GEERTOP. If you are willing to spend a little more money, they also have the Navigator tent system. Another 2-person 4-season tent, the Navigator, is the roomier option with more external storage space protected from the elements. However, at a little under $200, it is a slightly more significant investment. If you are finding yourself in a situation that requires a lot of gear needing protection, along with two people sleeping inside of a tent, then the Navigator may be a better choice for you. 



More Affordable



More Space

What we liked

  • Quick setup
  • Spacious interior for sleeping
  • Resilient materials
  • Impressive water resistance ratings

What we didn’t like

  • Too heavy for trips that require packing in
  • The exterior rain flys provide only minimal coverage for gear and equipment.


All in all, GEERTOP’s Toproad is a fantastic budget-friendly 2-person tent for someone who is looking to get into camping and outdoor experiences. The attractive price point, weatherproofing, and roomy interior make it an excellent option for an individual or couple who doesn’t want to jump right into the top-of-the-line gear but still wants to have options and protection from the elements.

I would not, however, recommend this to someone who is looking to get into backpacking specifically. It simply weighs too much to be viable for packing in. If you genuinely need 4-season protection while backpacking, then your level of experience and preparedness must be at a higher level, necessitating higher-end equipment.

This is a tent that warrants serious consideration in your search for a camping shelter. It won’t hurt the wallet, and it has most of the features you could want in a shelter system, keeping you dry all night and enjoying the great outdoors! 

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