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Browning Shock N Awe Tomahawk Review

Considered an excellent tool for bushcraft, the tomahawk is a reliable way to not only keep yourself protected, but also forge tools and even structures out in the wild. However, you need to have a reliable tomahawk to help you do this and with so many on the market, finding the best one can be a little daunting.

The Browning Shock N Awe Tomahawk is an affordable tomahawk that looks great and has a proven record of working for bushcraft. In this article, we look a little deeper at this tool and some of the key specifications that will make your life easier. Now, you can decide for yourself if this is the tomahawk for your needs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Made from extremely durable 1055 steel
  • Powder coated in different colors for style and protection
  • An overall length of only 10.5-inches
  • The cutting edge is around 2.75-inches and includes a spike on the back
  • Paracord wrapped handle for even more grip and control
  • Comes with a black Kydex sheath
  • Includes an additional glass breaker on the handle


When looking for a good tomahawk, there are a few things and boxes that we would like to check before even using it. One of these features is the design that should be comfortable and ergonomic. The Browning Shock N Awe Tomahawk is actually lightweight, but most importantly, the weight balance is near perfect.

With such a good weight distribution, the emphasis of the tomahawk is not only to be used as a tool, but it can be used in the world of self-defense as well. Having an ergonomic handle that has been wrapped in paracord, helps to keep it comfortably nestled in your palm. It also ensures that you have even more comfort when it comes to using it.

You might need to hack a few times for this tomahawk to actually make it through certain wood types, but it remains sharp for quite some time. Right out of the box, it should go through a thick rope and split some firewood that has been dried out. Using the spike, we found that it easily penetrates lighter metals like car doors and aluminum sheaths if needed.

Versatility is key with many of these tools and a glass breaker that might not even be needed is added to the back of the tool. This is a handy addition to have when you find yourself in precarious situations or if you need to help someone get out of a motor vehicle. The glass breaker is easily accessible and can be used with the Kydex sheath still attached.

As you might have also seen, the tomahawk does come with a powdered coating and you can find it in numerous different colors. The tan color looks great, but black is a little more stylish. However, the coating also makes it possible to use the tool in all weather conditions, without you having to worry about potential rust setting in.

Depending on your hands, you will either like the grip or it will feel uncomfortable. Individuals with smaller hands have felt the cord being added is a little too thick and this could cause some discomfort when the weapon is being used. Once you get used to it and find the perfect grip, you will be able to use it for an array of different jobs.

A tomahawk is not necessarily the best tool when it comes to self-defense. Drawing the weapon is a little timely, but this tomahawk is light enough that it can be wielded when you need to defend yourself. It has been mainly designed for this purpose. This can be great for trips that lead you into the territory of predators and other wild animals that might be hostile. However, we still recommend considering a can of bear spray when you are entering their territory.

Lastly, the blade does remain sharp for quite some time after it has arrived and this allows you to use it directly out of the box without any real hassles. A simple knife sharpener should be more than enough to help you keep the blade sharp. The added spike is also a great tool for digging and it is blunt enough to keep you from actually hurting yourself.



What We Like:

  • Lightweight with an ergonomic feel
  • Durable construction
  • Can be used as a tactical weapon
  • Arrives sharpened
  • Versatile design with multiple tools added
  • Really affordable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The paracord might be a little thick for smaller hands
  • Many claim it to be heavy for tactical purposes

Should You Buy It?

At such an affordable price point, this tomahawk is definitely worth the price that it commanded. The weapon is really stylish and can help make your life a little easier. It might take some time to get used to the handle, but this does give you optimal grip compared to many others.

Overall, the Browning Shock N Awe Tomahawk will be an excellent investment to someone who needs to buy a tomahawk and keep the price as low as possible. Doing the research, we found it hard to find a tomahawk with a similar price point that actually has all these features. On top of the features, it also looks really amazing.


This tool fairs well in the outdoors even though its primary manufacturing was aimed at tactical work. If you are tired of not having the right tools for your trips, or you would like something handy to have around the home for bushcraft, you might definitely need to give this tool a try. It makes life so much easier to know that you can actually do almost anything with it and the safety precautions in the design will keep you from injuring yourself.

We would love to see how the Browning Shock N Awe Tomahawk has worked for you, hit us up in the comments below.

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