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Abco Pop-Up Tent Review

The Bottom Line

Setting up the Abco Pop-up Tent and packing it in the bag is very easy, and that second one can be a problem with many tents. The choice of materials is excellent – both budget-friendly and durable. Add to this the high breathability, as well as the included carry bags, and you’ve got a feature set we aren’t really used to seeing on tents at this price point.

For many amateur campers, choosing a tent isn’t that difficult. All they need is something to cover their head, provide basic security and protect against rain. However, experienced ones know that there’s much more to it with a tent. These people appreciate tents that are also easy to set up, provide plenty of breathability and sun protection, and aren’t made for two or three uses before they fall apart. 

Abco Tech has attempted to cater to both crowds with their pop-up tent. It’s a fairly budget-oriented model, but one that covers just about anything you would need on a camping trip. It’s built well, the materials of choice are great, and it comes with a few nifty features that you won’t find on many other tents.

Setting it up and folding it back down

The first thing that matters with a pop-up tent is how easy it is to set up. With the Abco Tech one, it’s literally a matter of seconds. Once you’ve got your ground cleared and set up for a tent, all you need to do is pop it open. It will automatically open up in a ready-to-use shape, and you’re ready to go. There is no lengthy and annoying process that’ll leave you tired and nervous. 

While most pop-up tents do give you this kind of simple setup functionality, the same can not be said about closing them back up. Some require a lot of force to close, and damaging something in the process is quite possible. With the Abco Tech one, that’s not an issue, thanks to the quality of the materials and the way it’s made. It will take you a few minutes to get it closed, but the process is actually simple and once you’re done, you can fit it inside the included carrying bag. 

Folding a Popup Tent

Choice of materials – how good is it? 

The main quality issue with budget-oriented tents is often the materials they use, for obvious reasons. Materials that aren’t water-resistant will result in a wet and cold night out if it starts to rain, and thin, low-quality options can easily tear with wind, or when you’re putting it back together. 

The frame of the Abco Tech tent is made of fiberglass, while the tent itself is made of ripstop nylon. Compared to aluminum, fiberglass poles are a cheaper and lighter, yet more convenient alternative. They’ll perform consistently regardless of weather and season, even in the summer heat. Fiberglass is a smart choice.  The poles are also corrosion and rustproof, and they can last you a good couple of years without any degradation.

Note, however, that you should handle them with care, as excessive wear and tear can be problematic. The ripstop nylon, on the other hand, is a great choice. It does provide UV protection, and you do get some water resistance as well. We wouldn’t recommend exposing it to heavy rain, though, as that could be problematic. Light rain, on the other hand, won’t do much harm unless you touch the sides. 

The construction – size, space, additional features

Once you’ve opened and set up the tent, you’ve got quite a lot of room. This is primarily a two-person tent, but there’s ample room for a couple of bags in there as well. An interesting addition is the double doors. With other, more common designs, you only get a single entry point, which can be a bit troublesome – you don’t want your tentmate having to jump over you to get to their bag. With the Abco Tech, you can get in or out both on the left, or the right side. 

While we’re at the doors, you’ll be pleased to know that you have an inner, zippered screen, as well as an external, zippered nylon layer. If you’re using it in summer, this allows you to get quite a lot of breathability, or close it down completely for some added privacy. Whichever you want, the choice is yours. 

Breathability is another bonus of the Abco Tech pop-up tent. You have two mesh windows on both the front and the back, which will further help you with air circulation. If it starts raining, or if you want some privacy, there’s always the option to close down the nylon flaps over them. 

There is one downside to the tent and is one that may affect quite a lot of people – height. Namely, the tent has a fairly low ceiling, which will be an issue if you’re tall. This can be especially problematic if it’s raining, as touching the ceiling will transfer the water to your body. If, however, you don’t mind this, you should be good to go.

As far as additional features go, the Abco Tech pop-up tent doesn’t have much. You will get a carry bag that allows you to easily transport the foldable tent, as well as a smaller bag that allows you to carry the iron pegs that hold down the tent, but that’s about it. If we’re being honest, it’s actually pretty basic. 

Wrapping things up – Is it worth it? 

At this price, the short answer is “definitely”. To begin with, both setting it up and packing it in the bag are very easy, and that second one can be a problem with many tents. The materials of choice are excellent – both budget-friendly and plenty durable, and you’ll be getting quite a lot of space with the tent. 

Add to this the high breathability, as well as the included carry bags, and you’ve got a feature set we aren’t really used to seeing on tents at this price point. If you want something fairly basic, but that works very well and won’t cost a lot, by all means, go for it! 

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