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The 10 Best Camping Hammocks

When you think camping, the hammock is often neglected and many people don’t understand the benefits of using a camping hammock. Reverting to the tent is so easy, leaving you with all the added weight and setup time. While it is called a camping hammock, it is the backpacker’s friend, reducing weight and making life so much easier in the summer.

Family camping adventures are fun and this where the best tent will be handy, but should you like some time alone; a hammock offers a lot of benefits. Being used to a tent, It was a massive adjustment to try the hammock. However, I fell in love with the simplicity of the designs and how much functionality you have, not to mention being kept off the ground.

In this article, we look at some of the best camping hammocks we could find. A lot of research and cold nights went into testing them, but in the end, we were left with an adventure and more knowledge. These camping hammocks will change the way you see camping or backpacking – plus, they also make perfect sunbeds for the winter in your yard during the day.

The 10 Best Camping Hammocks On The Market Today

When you think of camping, you always think specs and technical details. This is important and we have put together a state of the art buyer’s guide that should help you choose the best hammock. However, discussing the top hammocks is much more fun and we decided to start with them. If you plan to buy a new hammock, here are some of the best options you should consider:

1. Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Lawson Hammock

Nylon and Polyester
Expedition hammock
90 x 42-inches

Every outdoor enthusiast will tell you immediately how important your gear is. Yes, having a hammock is great, but the tent also has a place to be used. If you have both, camping trips can be that much more fun and you have versatility. The Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock comes with a tent already included for colder days.

Made from polyester and nylon, this tent/hammock combo is really durable and you have the combination of being fully covered while hanging from your favorite tree. The mesh covering on top will keep all the bugs out and a small door enables you to slide in the hammock without too many issues. As for the weight limit, it can hold individuals with a weight of up to 275-weight.

The seamless design is integrated for the hammock, removing any of the abrasions that one might encounter while sleeping. The open design ensures breathability and comfort for those hot summer days, but I have personally added my very own sleeping pad for the extra insulation on those colder winter nights.

The only downside is the weight and this hammock/tent combo is more than 4-pounds, making it harder for the avid backpacker. However, this weight also includes all the poles to add some stability and help you with the setup. Unfortunately, the suspension straps are not included, but they do have a package deal with everything included.

I find the setup a little time-consuming and really hard to do at night. It is much better to have the tent fully set up during the day before you start gathering your camping things from nature. All of these features will fit into the clever design carrier bag. Many people simply strap it to the backpack with the poles on the side for more flexibility.

A tent is generally expensive depending on the quality of the materials. Combining this with a hammock will give you a slightly more expensive price tag. However, the serious camper will find this a bargain of comfort and elegance. This camping hammock is not only recommended for camping but serves well for backpacking purposes as well.

2. Klymit Traverse Double Camping Hammock 

Klymit Traverse

Ripstop Nylon
Parachute Nylon
110 x 74-inches

The Klymit Traverse Double Hammock is one of the first hammocks that comes to mind. It is designed from 70D Ripstop nylon and parachute chords that offer immense durability to keep you comfortable. The recommended weight limit is a staggering 400-pound, more than enough for 2 people of smaller stature to enjoy sleeping comfortably.

The 11-foot tree straps give you a lot of functionality and reach. Now you don’t need to specifically look for 2 trees in close proximity, but most trees will be in your reach. However, I do recommend taking caution when you are near the 400-pound mark to choose closer trees. This will ensure the hammock is sturdy and the straps don’t accidentally untie in the middle of the night.

With a weight of just over 22-ounces, the hammock also features a seamless design. It has been reinforced near the center and this helps you to snuggle comfortably without having to fear any tears. According to the manufacturer, the durability is on the top end of the scale and all these materials will work together to keep the hammock from ever stretching.

If you are worried about the setup, you should note that these hammocks take some time to master. Instructions are clear and should not let you down, but experimenting with the setup at home is a good idea. Also, this hammock can be cleaned with normal water and cleaning products when you are done. One thing I would recommend buying is a sleeping pad to improve comfort when sleeping.

Unfortunately, this is not an insulated hammock, which means you need to add something for colder temperatures. The breathability is excellent and should enable you to have enough ventilation on those hot summer nights. Lastly, the vibrant colors are eye-catching and should even deter any predators during the day from exploring your hammock.

Klymit is a well-established brand in the outdoor world and their prices are sometimes a little expensive. The Klymit Traverse Double Hammock is a little more affordable than many and offers you a ton of functionality. I would definitely recommend this hammock for not only backpacking but camping and day trips as well.

3. Grand Trunk Double Parachute Camping Hammock

Grand Trunk Double Parachute

Ripstop Nylon
Parachute Nylon
126 x 78-inches

If you love camping or even backpacking with a partner, this is one of the best hammocks to consider for the journey. I found the Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Print Hammock as one of the elite options for more than 1 person. It is also constructed from durable nylon (Parachute Grade), to sustain two people of smaller stature with ease. The weight limit is once again around the 400-pound mark.

While the ropes are slightly shorter at 10-feet, this is still more than enough for anyone who needs comfort. Nautical-grade calipers work with the 5mm rope to ensure added strength when tied correctly to the trunks of your favorite trees. You might need to figure out how the setup works at home before taking it into the field for some action.

While most hammocks have a set few colors that you can choose from, this one has more than 20 different colors and styles. Some are bright and others could help you blend into the environment around you. With a 21-ounce weight, it should not be too hard to carry along with the small duffel bag it fits in when you are done.

This hammock works best in extremely hot conditions. It features a thin layer of double reinforced materials that offer optimal ventilation, but the insulation is something you need to add yourself. However, having someone to snuggle up to does provide the best possible insulation if you don’t already have your own sleeping pad.

I personally used this hammock for a few day trips and after some testing; it did not take me more than a couple of minutes to successfully tie up. Afterward, the washing process is simple and you can leave it out in the sun to dry. We do recommend some sort of tarp or rainfly when you need to camp in wetter conditions or to keep the sun from belting down on you while you are exposed.

If you were worried about the price for such an awesome hammock, you can stop. This is one of the most affordable options on the market today and should be ideal for everyone. A limited lifetime warranty has been included to keep you from anything that might not be as promised. I would recommend this as one of the top backpacking hammocks on the market today.

4. ENO Double Nest Camping Hammock

ENO eagles nest

70D Nylon Taffeta
Parachute Nylon
108 x 96-inches

ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters) is considered a leading brand in the outdoor industry and they have been building their reputation over the last couple of years. When I found the ENO Double Nest Hammock, it looked much similar to most of the other I have tested, however, the feeling felt incredibly comfortable with an added hint of style in the appearance.

Made from High Tenacity Taffeta Nylon, the hammock holds up in virtually all weather conditions you encounter. You might need to add some sort of protection in the form of a tarp or rainfly, but the quick-drying nylon should hold a weight of up to 400-pounds. This is more than enough for two smaller people or one large individual.

Aside from the abnormal color combination that has been used, the materials are also breathable. Using this is hot temperatures around the backcountry is really comfortable and I even feel that sleep is comfortable without a sleeping pad or any other addition. If you like backpacking, this hammock weighs only 19-pounds to easily carry it along on longer hikes or trips.

One of my complaints is that the hammock straps should be purchased separately. While you can still use the hammock without these straps, it does impair the functionality quite a lot and you might even feel a little frustrated. Buying the straps will make all the difference. Fortunately, the nautical grade calipers have already been included to save you a couple of bucks.

One thing you should keep in mind is to keep this hammock away from any heat sources. It is really flammable and should it catch fire, you will not be able to save it. Also, the warranty does not protect you from being negligent and we would recommend keeping it far away from you camping fire. I prefer setting it up at least 15-feet from the fire spot.

ENO is not an expensive brand and they offer top quality products at affordable prices. The limited lifetime warranty should give you real value for your money and peace of mind. As mentioned, you should not expect the hammock suspension straps included and they are sold separately. You should check out the ENO Atlas Straps for this specific hammock.

5. Hennessy Camping Hammock – Expedition Series

Hennessy Hammock

70D Ripstop Nylon
Expedition hammock
100 x 52-inches

While most of the camping hammocks so far are great for day trips, you might like to have one for your expedition trips. The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series is one of my favorites for longer trips, it includes everything from the rainfly to the mosquito net depending on the area and the weather conditions that you need to endure.

70 Denier Nylon is the most common material used for these hammocks. It is also commonly used in most parachutes for the lightweight and excellent durability. However, this hammock also features a 30D polyester mosquito cover that could help you keep out all the unwanted bugs. The rainfly is what keeps the rain away and perhaps even the sun during the day.

10-foot long suspending ropes have been integrated for your setup. While I find the rope design a little more frustrating to setup than the straps, it does offer more durability. These straps have been tested to hold weights of up to 1600-pounds. This is more than enough to hold your hammock off the ground and keep you safe.

One of my complaints is the 250-pound weight limit. Unfortunately, this is not ideal for 2 people and you might need to buy a second hammock for your wife. Hunter green is the main color, also helping to disguise the hammock when you take it on a potential hunting trip or took keep bears from spotting you while they are exploring.

All of these accessories can be fitted into the packing bag when you are done. However, it is a little heavy, being slightly under 3-pound. On the plus side, you don’t need to carry heavy tent poles and you have more functionality when it comes to the setup and camping spot. One thing you can count on is the durability and we should mention that Hennessy has been in the game for over 40-years.

This hammock can offer you everything you need when it comes to backpacking and camping. Since you don’t need to buy anything else, it is no surprise that the price is slightly more expensive. However, this should not deter you and the hammock offers you great value. I would definitely recommend this backpack to the avid solo backpacker looking to break away from the buzz of the city.

6. Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Camping Hammock

Outdoor vitals

Lightweight Nylon
Ultralight hammock
Different sizes

If you like dropping all the weight, the Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Hammock is one of the top options. It weighs under 1-pound with Nylon being used for the design. However, this hammock does not feature a double nylon reinforced design, meaning you might have some weakness in the design that could give in after some time.

Nevertheless, it has an ergonomic design that should enable you to comfortably snuggle in the middle without any problems. The weight limit might not be as extravagant as many of the other hammocks we have seen so far, but this will be ideal for a smaller individual to have a comfortable night sleeping at your favorite camping spot.

With a full suspension system and all the straps already included, you don’t need to look elsewhere or even worry about added costs that could potentially plague when you thought you have everything sorted. I should also mention how easy it is to set up and for once, this camping hammock does fit back into the carry bag once you are done.

What you give up in terms of weight, is often something that bites you later. It might not feel as comfortable as some of the other double-layered hammocks. You should perhaps consider adding your own sleeping pad to ensure you have a little more insulation as well. For backpacking, I would also suggest investing in a rainfly or using the one from your current tent.

While not all the sizes are the same, you can find numerous different sized versions. The 2 person version is slightly larger and while I have not had the opportunity to see how effective it is, I believe it will offer the same quality and value for your money. It is worth noting that it will be slightly more expensive as well.

Outdoor Vitals is mostly considered a backpacking brand, but this hammock can be used for camping purposes if you have short 1-day trips. I would definitely encourage you to give it a go and the price is actually really affordable. It is worth noting that the charcoal color works well to keep the hammock clean and the materials will dry out in a couple of minutes.

7. Everest Active Gear Double Camping Hammock

Everest camping hammock

Ripstop Diamond-Weave Nylon
Expedition hammock
118 x 71-inches

The Everest Active Gear Double Camping Hammock is one of these hammocks that you can choose for you and your wife. It is constructed from 70D Ripstop nylon and the diamond weave pattern adds a little more durability. All of this means the hammock has a weight limit of 400-pounds, more than enough for the average couple.

The expedition camping hammocks are a little lighter and offer some more durability to withstand some of the toughest weather conditions. Being around 10-feet in length, the hammock is great for even the tallest of individuals. However, a smaller person might feel a little smothered when sleeping in this hammock alone.

What I love about this design is the mosquito net, made from durable mesh. The tiny holes have been evenly spaced out and this will offer added breathability on hot summer days. Instead of worrying about your additional suspension straps, most people will be happy to know that these straps have already been included.

With numerous colors to choose from, one should not need to worry about finding the right one. The instructions have been included, which means every beginner can play with the hammock at home and get used to the setup. I found myself setting up the hammock in just a couple of minutes and it can also be washed with ease.

The only downside I found is in the zipper. The entry and exit are a little frustrating and some people have even indicated that the zipper might break when large people enter. However, this can easily be fixed with an upgraded design. Eventually, you will also get used to it and adjust the entrance to meet all your needs.

In terms of price, this is an affordable option has been designed for beginners and professional junkies. We could not find any warranty included, but the 30-day guarantee means you can easily test out all of the features. We would recommend it as one of the top lightweight camping hammocks that offer you value and opens up a lot of packing space.

8. Trek Light Gear Double Camping Hammock

Trek Light Hammock

70D Ripstop Nylon
Parachute Nylon
120 x 78-inches

The Trek Light Gear Double Hammock is the ultimate camping hammock for couples and friends. It features a durable 70D ripstop nylon base that has been reinforced for two people. The 400-pound weight limit is ideal for couples, while the materials have been tested to withstand the elements and keep the hammock from ever sagging.

At only 20-ounces, you should not need to worry about carrying it along for long distances. This weight includes the ropes that offer additional durability. I find the pre-knotted ropes easy to use and they can simply be pulled around the trunk of a tree and fastened. The length of more than 10-feet is perfect for those of us who are slightly larger in stature.

These hammocks are available in numerous colors, all of them looking a little different to help you stand out from the other campers. If you need some insulation, you can add your very own sleeping pad, but I have found this hammock ideal for sleeping without a sleeping pad in the summer. It is worth noting that the ventilation is excellent.

One of the downsides perhaps is the lack of any nets and a rainfly. If you plan to use this camping hammock for your backpacking trips, you should consider adding a rainfly. Once all of this has been set up, the hammock should be really effective and comfortable to use for all your expeditions, essentially turning it into an expedition hammock.

While no suspension straps have been included, you can still use this hammock comfortably. However, the suspension straps do make a massive difference and they could potentially help you be elevated off the ground even higher. If you are not accustomed to banana-shaped hammocks, this one might feel a little uncomfortable at first.

It is slightly more expensive than some of the other parachute nylon models. However, it is one of the easiest hammocks to set up on your own. Washing should not be an issue and the hammock definitely dries out in a matter of minutes. This is the ideal vacation hammock for you and your spouse. We also use it to enjoy Sunday next to the pool.

9. Hammock Bliss Camping Hammock

Hammock Bliss

Ripstop Nylon
Expedition hammock
125 x 53-inches

Once again, we have another excellent hammock that has been designed in the shape of a tent. The Hammock Bliss Insect Free Hanging Tent looks more like a tent that is hanging from the sky than it does a hammock, but once you see the setup, it does work exactly like any of your favorite hammock designs. 70D Ripstop Nylon is once again the material of choice.

What I really like is the built-in suspension system. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to buy additional suspension straps. Sometimes you might not even find the correct straps and this is where the frustration comes in. The suspension system works with the ropes and allows you to raise the height of the hammock to meet your needs.

We are still debating the hammock is ideal for two people. It is only 53-inches wide and many people don’t feel this is enough for them and their spouse. However, the 350-pound weight limit might persuade you. Since the mesh covering is almost fully closed, you can add your sleeping pad and this can be used as your bed for a few nights.

The hammock includes numerous pockets for you to store all your belongings, but they are not waterproof. You might need to add your very own rainfly if you know the weather might make a turn for the worst. The hammock feels heavier than most at 30-ounces, which means that it might not be ideal for backpacking.

Another one of my issues is the color. Black is the primary color and we all know how much the sun is drawn to black. The black might be worrying when it comes to ventilation and we have seen this hammock to be really warm inside. You might not want to use this hammock for hot summer weekends, but rather colder days.

I personally think this hammock is a little overpriced. With a few technical adjustments, it will be worth it for anyone. Fortunately, the zippers are actually durable and should not let you down in any way either. An additional warranty has been included to ensure you have some peace of mind. I would personally recommend this hammock for colder temperatures.

10. Lost Valley Camping Hammock

Outdoor Creek Camping Hammock

70D Ripstop Nylon
Expedition hammock
Approx. 120 x 50-inches

Last but certainly not least, we have the Lost Valley Camping Hammock and this is one of the most affordable camping hammocks on the market today. It has been constructed from 70D Nylon with a massive weight limit of 350-pounds. It is marketed for only one person, but with these specs, we believe it can be used by two people with ease.

This might not be the same as many of the other expedition hammocks, but it can still be used for sleeping at night. The mosquito net is really great and will not only keep all the bed bugs from festering on you but also ensure optimal ventilation. However, the ventilation might be too much when it is cold and a sleeping pad is recommended for more insulation.

I find this design to be a little heavy at around 4-pounds and the large aluminum poles are a little frustrating as well. However, we believe for camping purposes and with 2 people carrying some of the equipment, it should definitely work well for your backpacking trips. It is worth noting that the hammock has been reinforced with added stitching.

One of my complaints is the added weight and you might find it frustrating to constantly set up the aluminum poles before you can use the hammock. However, this adds some stability to the hammock, meaning it can be used in tough weather conditions. According to the manufacturer it can be set up in less than 10-minutes.

What I really like about this hammock is the fact that virtually all the components have already been included. While you might need to buy your own rainfly and suspension straps, all the key elements are included. I also like the smart carry bag and everything will actually fit into the bag once you are done with the hammock.

As for the price, this is one of the cheapest options on the market today, making it great for beginners. As we have already mentioned, it is marketed for one person, but we have tested it with two people comfortably. This is one of the top options for couples looking to have a break away from the rush of the city.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing A Camping Hammock

Now that you have seen all of the best camping hammocks, you might be wondering which features we actually used to choose them. To help you in your search for your own camping hammock, we have isolated the features to ensure that you can also find a great hammock elsewhere. Understanding features should also help you see how to make the bets of your hammock:

Camping Hammock Type:

If you close your eyes and you think of a hammock, you might think of the Parachute Nylon Hammock. Yet, this is not the only hammock available. When choosing your very first hammock, you will need to consider the purpose of the hammock and where it will be used. Here is a short description of each type to help you define which one will be right for you:

Parachute Nylon: Not only are these hammocks made from parachute nylon Ripstop materials, but they also have a shape of a parachute. The banana-like shape is comfortable and really durable. They are lightweight, but no real coverings have been added. Occasionally, you might find models with the suspension straps already included.

Expedition Hammock: The expedition hammock is a little different and it features more additional accessories. The accessories range from a rainfly to keep the weather at bay or a mosquito net. These hammocks are a little more expensive and heavier to carry. However, the cocoon-like design means they can be used for sleeping comfortably.

Ultralight Hammock: These hammocks generally lack durability. However, the lighter weight makes them perfect for backpacking. They are generally more affordable with most of the weighing under 1-pound. I also find these hammocks really simple and easy to set up, with the least amount of effort needed thanks to the pre-knotted ropes.

Depending on your specific needs, all of these hammocks serve a specific purpose and we have indicated next to each hammock the type. I believe you should always look at the type of hammock first to ensure you get value for your money. Personally, the parachute nylon hammock offers the best of both worlds for any beginner.


As you might have seen 70 Denier Ripstop Nylon is generally the choice for most brands. Since this is the same material used for parachutes, it will offer excellent durability and increase the overall weight limit of the hammock. Occasionally, cotton can also be used for the materials and while this might not have the same durability, it has better insulation.

I would prefer choosing nylon for the ability to wick away most of the moisture. The nylon hammock dries out faster when you inevitably encounter your first rain shower and they can be washed with ease after each trip. Polyester is one of the materials you should avoid and this can really frustrate you if you want a decent hammock. Many knock-offs are constructed from cheaper polyester.

Additionally, you should also look at the mosquito net that has been included. I prefer choosing mesh. Mesh is lightweight and with the holes evenly spaced, you won’t have any troubles with bugs or even pests frustrating you. However, mesh won’t keep the rain from entering and soaking you if you do not have a rainfly.


The size of the hammock directly translates to the amount of comfort that you have. Most of these hammocks have a length of more than 10-feet. This will make them ideal for taller individuals like myself at over 6-feet. All of the options we have selected are more than 100-inches, which means most people will have comfort. On the other hand, some of the females we asked think the longer hammocks feel smothering and you need to keep this in mind.

Overall Weight:

Are you a camper or a backpacker? This is one of the decisions you should also make before purchasing your favorite hammock. It can be fun to buy an expedition hammock with tent-like features, but all of these features and accessories must be carried along when traveling long distances over the course of a few days.

Campers will do much better with a heavy hammock and the comfort level will aid them. However, the avid backpacker should not worry about all the fancy accessories and stick to the basics. All you need is some space to sleep and something that can easily be packed up for your journey. We highly recommend the parachute nylon hammock for backpackers traveling light.


Are you and your wife planning a camping trip? If so, it is much better to consider a double hammock. The double hammock is much wider and it allows two people to comfortably enjoy sleeping. The width is also something to keep in mind if you feel the need to add your own sleeping pad. Yes, the hammock is comfortable, but I like recommending a comfortable sleeping pad if you want to go camping.

Fortunately, most brands also have a wide variety of options available for you to choose from. These options include the single or the double designs. Even if you don’t have someone to go on a trip with you, I believe the price of these camping hammocks is so close that choosing the double hammock is a better option for value.

Weight Limit:

The weight limit directly relates to the size and quality of the materials. However, you should look at the weight limit. Personally, I would not recommend a weight limit of under 250-pounds when it comes to a single hammock. If you plan to buy the double hammock, you should look at something in the range of 350-pounds or even 400 if needed.

Nylon is a little more durable and most of the hammocks with the best durability have been constructed from nylon material. Also, be sure to note that the suspension system does not translate to the weight of the hammock and these are two separate things.  However, many people believe that the suspension system they have integrated will help improve the overall weight limit.

Suspension System:

The suspension system is something that could make a lot of difference. I like the suspension system to be integrated into the camping hammock. However, not all the models have it incorporated. The best hammock will have this added and this will allow you to set up the hammock in more places than you can when you only have ropes to work with.

The suspension system will vary from hammock to hammock, with some even being built-in. I like the separate suspension system that is somewhat longer with nautical grade carabiners. This makes them impervious to all the weather conditions. Being lifted off the ground also makes a massive difference and only the suspension system can actually help you do this.


When referring to the design, I like to look at the colors on offer. The color of the hammock should blend with the environment as much as possible. If you choose a hammock that does not blend, you might attract a few unwanted visitors. In bear country, we recommend blending in, but taking a few precautions like moving your food away from the campsite is also something that could potentially save your life.


While the camping hammock looks great in your bag, you eventually need to summon the courage and set it up. Fortunately, most of these hammocks come with clear instructions and should allow you to set them up really easily. The expedition hammocks are a little tougher to set up and you will need to practice with them at home.

We definitely recommend that you try setting up the hammock at home before you go out into the wilderness and actually take on the conditions that nature wants to throw at you. Many of the ultralight hammocks we have seen have pre-knotted designs that should enable you simply wrap them around a tree and set it up.

Find out how to simplify the setup of most hammocks:


Insulation vs. breathability:

Unfortunately, the camping hammock does not have much when it comes to insulation. These hammocks are great for camping and they offer a ton of breathability. Since the materials are really light to keep the weight to a minimum, you will need to add your own insulation depending on the area that you will be camping.

One of the best ways to have some insulation is to add your own sleeping pad or even a sleeping bag if you want to keep it light. Fortunately, the double hammocks allow you to have some fun with a friend or your spouse. As they say, there is no better insulation that having body heat and having someone enjoy the trip with you as well.


You can either buy the plain camping hammock or look for the best hammock with a few accessories included. This is much similar to the expedition hammocks with most of these already added. However, you parachute hammock can also be transformed into one of these hammocks. Here are a few accessories that you could keep in mind:

  • Rainfly: The rainfly is a necessity for camping. Any tent worth its value will have a rainfly already included. Since it is really versatile, you can change the rainfly to use as a tarp during the day. If a polyurethane coating is added, the rainfly will keep the sun from belting down. It also retains its color much better.
  • Mosquito Net: Whenever you take on the backcountry, nothing can be more frustrating than having mosquitoes circle around you. They will not only keep you out of a good sleep but can carry diseases like malaria. To ensure you do not become a victim of their bloodlust, it is better to consider a mesh mosquito net. These can easily be attached to your hammock.
  • Suspension Straps: The suspension straps are great when it comes to versatility and we have already covered them in detail. They are slightly more expensive, but make a massive difference to your comfort level and versatility.
  • Sleeping Pad: Last but certainly not least, the sleeping pad is great for insulation. As we have already mentioned, these camping hammocks don’t always have a lot of comfort or warmth. The sleeping pad is actually affordable and could spice up your hammock in the winter months.

Many of you might argue that more accessories are available. However, these 4 are the main options that will actually make a difference in the way you experience the hammock. They will inevitably raise the price, but since all of them are once-off purchases, you won’t need to have any other expenses in the long run.


Brands are very important, especially in the outdoor niche. These brands we selected come with massive reputations and they offer a ton of value for any real camper. Whilst doing research, we came across many smaller or newer brands. Some of them don’t yet have an established reputation, making it harder to recommend them.

Finally, you should avoid the super cheap brands. Many of them are knock-offs that look exactly like the real deal. However, the materials are weaker and they won’t last you nearly as long as many of our top brands. If you are unsure about a brand, you can simply do an internet search to find out how long the brand has been in the market and the reputation they have built.


The warranty is generally more stressed when looking at a product full of technologically advanced features. Electronics are expensive, forcing the user to always look for some sort of protection. However, we generally consider the warranty for these products as well. The warranty might not keep you protected from everything, but should something go wrong, you are protected.

The most common warranties are around 1-year. I believe this is more than enough time for you to test the product and find potential flaws. On a realistic level, no hammock will last forever and rarely will you find a limited lifetime warranty. However, I would be really interested to see any of them if you do manage to find one. Be sure to let us know in the comment section.


Last but certainly not least, we have to look at the price and your outdoor level if we can put it that way. If you are a beginner, buying something expensive, might not be worth it. However, the avid camper can find something expensive and it will feel inexpensive. The only reason for this is because they will use it quite often and get value for their money.

In my personal case, I like buying the best products. Yes, they do cost an arm and a leg from time to time, but once the arm and the leg have grown back, you eventually see the value you have. Instead of spending small amounts often, buying one product that is expensive, but offers you long-term value will be considered an investment.

Here you can find out how to get the best out of your hammock:


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no denying the fact that camping with a hammock is fun and many people have never had this experience. With these hammocks and a better understanding of the features, you can now try this for yourself and hope for the best. However, we have seen people with a few questions in forums around the web. I have done the legwork to answer as many of them as possible. Here are the most frequently asked questions you might also wonder about:

How far apart should I hang my hammock?

The hanging distance from the points of contact will be determined by the overall length of your hammock. The general distance from the trees should be around 2-feet. This translates to around 13-15 feet for the averagely sized hammock. Occasionally, you can go a little closer and simply use the ropes more effectively tightened around the tree.

Additionally, one could add the suspension straps. These straps are versatile, allowing you to dictate on your own the distance for the hammock. Once again, I’d like to stress the importance of the suspension straps and how much easier they could potentially make your life. It will be an investment that you won’t regret.

Can I leave my hammock out year round?

The hammock is a great design and it features a few great features that set it apart from other outdoor equipment. If you are like me and you like to enjoy Sunday afternoon taking a nap in the hammock, you don’t want to constantly take it down. However, the hammock can be left outside but the risk will be constant exposure to the elements.

Sun and rain might have an adverse effect on the hammock, making it weaker and reducing some of the durability. One of the first areas I have seen the hammock give in is the ropes. The ropes are generally made from polyester, leaving it weak when exposed to the elements. Nevertheless, you can add your rainfly to direct the water away from the hammock and leave it hanging all year.

How can I keep the color from fading on the hammock?

Let’s be honest, nothing is more frustrating than watching the hammock lose color. However, you can counteract this with a simply polyurethane coating. Depending on the quality of the hammock and the brand, this might already be added. However, a few touch-ups won’t do you any harm and also improve the durability in the long run.

Should I use a tree strap or tree hooks?

Are you an avid environmentalist, worried about your trees? If not, you should always consider the health of your trees. Many people think the camping hammock will damage the trees and revert to poles or posts. However, with tree hooks being inserted, the hammock won’t do any real damage to the trees.

If you know the hooks will eventually be removed, we recommend using straps. Most camping hammocks made for backpacking have straps included. These will simply tie around the trees and keep them safe in the process. I like the hooks for the simplicity they offer when taking down the hammock and setting it up after a while.

Why do people call it a banana hammock?

The banana hammock is actually a “slang” term coined by some of the experts. It generally refers to the shape of the hammock. The hammock will be tight-fitted, meaning you are enclosed by the hammock on either side. These hammocks have a little-added comfort and they conform to the shape of your body for more comfort.

What is a hammock stand?

The hammock stand is something we don’t generally buy for outdoor adventures. However, it does make a difference if you live in a smaller apartment. Sometimes finding the best trees can also be a little tougher than needed and you might consider the hammock stand to help you with the setup.

The hammock stand might not be the best option for backpacking, adding a little more weight to your kit. However, you know that the hammock will always have a resting spot. When considering the hammock stand, you should look at the weight limit as well. Should you feel a little wobbly, that is nothing to worry about and these hammock stands would wobble a little.

How can I insulate my hammock?

This question is one that is on the mind of many people with no real answer. The hammock cannot be insulated without any additions added. The sleeping pad is probably one of the best ways to ensure your hammock is insulated from the bottom. However, you should always keep the size of the hammock and the size of the sleeping pad in mind before you buy. A simple comforter might also do the trick, but I personally feel a little smothered.

What is the ideal height for hanging a camping hammock?

The garden-style hammock only needs a height of around 5-feet and they are generally a little smaller, but for your camping hammock, you should consider at least 7-feet. The 7-feet will compensate for the little bit of sagging when you enter the hammock. I prefer hanging the hammock as high as possible to ensure noting from the ground can actually latch onto the hammock. You don’t know what might be lurking beneath at night.

Lightning: Which one is safer between hammock and tent?

The dreaded lightning strike is something we cannot avoid and even when you are fully enclosed in your tent, you are still at risk. The hammock exposed your entire body to the lightning strike and since you probably have it tied to a tree; the risk factor is increased tenfold. Should you find yourself trapped in lightning, it is much better to leave the hammock.

While there are many speculations on the precautions to take, you should consider reading some steps that you could take in the event of lightning. They will not only help you when camping but whenever you find yourself exposed to lightning strikes. Lightning is not something to play with ad many people have taken chances only to regret them afterward.

How do I know which trees to use for setting up my hammock?

Unfortunately, we cannot suggest a specific tree type that will work best for your hammock. This will vary depending on where in the world you plan to camp. However, the trees should have some sort of stability and be sturdy. A sturdy tree will keep the hammock elevated and no one wants to wake up in the middle of the night on the floor.

You can set up the hammock early in the day and test the strength. This should give you an indication on if you are ready for the night. It is best to choose older trees and to even do some research on your environment. Asking your trip advisor can be a great way to understand if the trees at the camping site will work with your camping hammock.

What is a ridgeline when talking about hammocks?

A ridgeline is generally used to improve the hammock. The ridgeline is used for suspending your tarp or rainfly and add any other protective features to your hammock. You will need to determine the ridgeline, but of the tarp can be attached to the hammock, that is so much easier. This only applies to the expedition hammocks or the parachute hammock.


If you want the best hammock or a simple camping hammock, these options and features should meet all of your needs. Comparing them to other outdoor equipment, we find that they are reasonably priced. The hammock is multifunctional and can be used at home and when camping. I would recommend all of these options for the avid outdoorsmen. If you have any comments or hammocks you think should be added to the list, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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