Ryan Victor

Ryan Victor

Ryan is a travel and outdoors writer originally from Montana who spent four years living in Boston, after stints in India, Rwanda, Senegal, and elsewhere. He and his wife are on a new journey to travel the world and blog about their adventures at Passions and Places.

tactical survival shovel

The Best Tactical Shovel

Shovels are one of the oldest and most useful tools known to mankind. They allow us to do everything from planting crops to building skyscrapers. Without one, moving dirt is near impossible – our hands are ill-equipped for the purpose. Despite...

The Best Truck Bed Tent

There are so many options available for tent camping these days: easy to assemble pop-ups, multi-room behemoths that can fit ten or more campers, and even ultra-light bivy sacks designed for fast travel through the backcountry. But perhaps the most...

Best Kukri Knife from Nepal

The Best Kukri Knife

There’s a good chance that the word kukri sounds foreign to you, and unless you’re steeped in the minutiae of the knife world, it may not be on your radar. However, this curved knife from Nepal is quickly becoming one of the most sought after...

Best EDC Knife

The Best EDC Knife

‘EDC’ stands for every day carry; all it really means is what you carry around in your pockets on a daily basis, it might include a torch, wallet, watch, first aid items, and of course always a knife. There is plenty of choices when it comes to...