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best tactical tomahawks

The 7 Best Tactical Tomahawks

Tomahawks are iconic of the conflicts between Native American’s and settlers on the North American frontiers. But while it might be interesting to see these artifacts in museums and movies, there is also plenty of modern-day uses of tomahawks, and...

Best Survival Knives

The 10 Best Survival Knives

A knife is often said to be the most vital tool for wilderness survival, and while there is a strong argument for an axe being at least as important and possibly even more important, especially for long term survival in boreal forests, nine times...

Helle Tem Cover

The Best Bushcraft Knife

When it comes to choosing your “bushcraft knife”, remember not all knives suitable for bushcraft are going to have the word “bushcraft” emblazoned all over them. Just as when Nessmuk and Horace Kephart were designing their...