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Tenaya Moonlight


by Robert Walton

February 24, 2005

Like friends parting
Before uncertain journeys,
Clouds clasp hands
Across an autumn moon.

Tenaya muses,
Its waters black,
Still as space,
On snow’s return, on ice.

I cease peering -?
The breeze is chill -?
Clip to the doubled rope,
Check my anchor twice,

And back off
Pywiack’s edge -
Step down granite
Into shadow.

I smile unseen
In night’s belly
At my folly, my friends’,
To watch moonlit clouds flow.

What game did we play
With fate, night and cliff?
What made us pause -?
An autumn moon’s charm?

Or perhaps regret,
More felt than understood,
That beauty eternal
Should end so soon.

This comes from: Camp4
Live To Climb