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Spring Is Here


by Todd Segraves

March 14, 2004

Spring is here. No longer must I don a jacket in the morning. No more boots to pass through the snow. No more returning from work in the dark. No more friction on the rock. No more empty sidewalks and roads. No more climbing paradise to myself. No more carving turns in untouched powder.

I begin to weigh the goods and bads dealing with the arrival of Spring and warmer temperatures. The warm weather feels great, until trying to pull that one hard move and you begin to sweat. You see new faces, but often they are climbing on the route that you had planned. They are the ones that make work stressful enough to seem like work.

Today I stand atop a boulder and feel a slight breeze begin to blow. It pushes warm air against my face. I realize that I haven't quite learned how to move with the seasons. I was ready for spring while winter still had hold on the landscape surrounding me. I will be ready for winter after a long hot summer, tending to ignore the perfect weather of Autumn.

But then I think back to this time last year. A few weeks of gorgeous spring weather was followed by a month of nonstop rain and snow. Who says Spring is here!

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