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Climbing: The Best Feeling in the World!


by Sally Michelmore

June 10, 2003

Climbing up the orange wall,
Just before the crux.
My arms feel like fireballs,
My muscles screaming loud.

But I stay stuck to the rock,
Like a pesky little fly.
I take a breath and off I go,
To give it my last try.

I lunge high for the hold,
The one just out of reach.
My fingernails get a grip,
I pull up and grit my teeth.

Iíve made it on the ledge,
I give a thankful sigh.
I feel like Iím on top of the world,
Cause Iíve climbed 10metres high!

Thereís no other feeling like it,
Climbing up that weathered face.
So I turn and keep on climbing,
Youíre hooked, once youíve the taste.

This comes from: Camp4
Live To Climb