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Hey, I Can Climb That


by Unknown

July 30, 2002

A climber was badly injured while showing off his skills after a night's drinking.

Paul Maxwell's brother and a friend watched in horror as he scaled scaffolding on a building site - and fell 50ft.

Barman Paul, 32, a keen rock climber, broke his wrist and jaw in the fall.

His companions raised the alarm when he fell to the ground on the site in Leith Street, Edinburgh, where the massive Omni leisure complex is being built.

Paul, from Edinburgh, was taken to the Royal Infirmary after the accident early on Sunday but is now at St John's Hospital, Livingston.


A police source said: "He must have thought he was Spiderman. It was a very silly thing to do.

"There's a big difference between climbing rocks with specialist equipment and climbing scaffolding. He was lucky to escape more serious injuries."

Kenny Thomson, manager of Pop Rockit bar, where Paul works, said yesterday: "I'm glad he's okay, It sounds like he's been very lucky."

A police spokesman said: "He is apparently a keen rock climber and decided to climb up the scaffolding.

"This was clearly not the most sensible thing to do."

News form the Daily Record.

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