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Climbing Blues


by Unknown

December 29, 2001

Climbing Blues
(sung to a blues guitar or while whimpering on lead)

I'm looking straight up
Thinking...its a long way down
The sky is the place for birds
Why ain't I on the ground?

I've got those climbing blues,
Got those shoes too tight, rack ain't right,
anchors out of sight, days turned into night,
climbing blues.

I'm looking up one ugly crack
There's only one thing left do
Cause I'm comitted, I can't turn back
Time to start singing those climbing blues


I'm about take a fall
Its only on a piton by Yvon
But my partner just told be about the history of the rope
The one he's taken 20 leader falls on.


The guidebook says, "IT's EASY 5.5
Just have a Stopper, size #4 out"
I'm 20 feet up, really doing a cruise
Getting rid of those nasty blues
When my partner yells, "Hey dude, thats 5.11. Wrong route!"


Hey, when life is not being kind to you
Then, hey, its a great day to climb
Because when you're climbing all your worries melt away
So give me those climbing blues any old time.


This comes from: Camp4
Live To Climb