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John Sherman's Practical Guide To Bouldering Ratings


by Editor

February 07, 2001

Hey, I thought this was a real kick in the ass. The Fish Products website has an interview with John Sherman. Along with a colorful interview, John Sherman shares with us the real meaning behind the V system. It goes something like this...

  • V0 A problem you wouldn't admit to doing no matter how cool it was.
  • V1 A problem you would admit to doing, if it had loose holds, a death landing, and your partner backed off of it.
  • V2 A problem, if cool enough, that you would recommend to others to prove you're not a ratings snob.
  • V3 A problem you ruthlessly wire and incorporate into your warm-up routine, in the hopes that visiting partners will struggle on it.

Go to their website to read more about the V scale and to read the Verm's interview.John Sherman Interview.

Courtesy of Fish Products.

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