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The Trad Guide to Joshua Tree

 The Trad Guide to Joshua Tree

by Sean Hudson

April 27, 2005

60 Favorite Climbs from 5.5 to 5.9

Charlie and Diane Winger have definitely done something different with this guidebook to J-Tree. While many guidebooks choose to use lengthy descriptions to describe climbs and locations, Charlie and Diane show you that a single picture can be ‘worth a thousand words.’ Let’s see …

Sixty climbs + 100 color pictures + 192 pages of detailed descriptions = thorough coverage

Many climbers who visit Joshua Tree spend as much time searching for good routes as they do actually climbing. This guidebook offers the moderate climber a fun, varied and challenging “tick-list” of 60 great trad climbs, and makes it easy to find your way around.

Key features of each climb are described, and you’ll even know what to expect when you reach the top of the route and want to set up an anchor and later descend. Is the weather especially hot or cold? Plan your day using the sun/shade chart to stay comfortable. Are you looking for and area with a concentration of certain grade or climb? Color-coded overview maps will help you choose your spot. Is the climb you wanted too busy right now? Alternate, nearby routes are listed for each area.

This is not the guidebook for J-Tree regulars or if you plan on spending extended time at Joshua Tree, but it is an exceptional guidebook for moderate climbers wanting to get the most out of their road trip to this desert rock oasis.

Published by The Colorado Mountain Club Press, 2004.

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