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Mountain Climber


by Amine Ben Aniba

February 03, 2003

He climbed
He fell
Everything went well
until his rope
looped around his foot
taking off his boot
Then his toe froze
and in the icy breeze
became numb and frostbite.

With all his might
like a Trojan in a war
he envisioned some folklore
specially the one about the man
who when in battle lost a hand
and put his sword in the one that remained
so that he could return and be crowned.

King of warriors all men
to get married and then
have children and dogs to hunt
He climbed up to the mount
searching for the rest of the crew
And the cold wind blew
and he knew
the mountain would take his toe
That edifice was his foe.

When he reached the top
the others wept in awe
not at what they saw
but for his courage
And they crowned him with champagne
He became intoxicated
in the sun and mountain air
He did not drink one drop.

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