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The Climb of the Century


by Trevor Wallace

August 12, 2002

Intro: Dear readers I am Trevor Wallace climbing extraordinaire. I was sent on this expedition to find dinosaur DNA in frozen dino carcasses so that we could use that intact DNA to bring back the dinosaurs to the modern age….

Day 1 – Base Camp to Camp 1 – Finally after a two day hike up to base camp my partners Tyler Sakai and Teddy Barger and I could rest our sore legs. The camp was pitiful. All there was were a few canvas tents and some old men sitting and drinking deeply from tankards. Slowly I approached them with a question. “Do you think we should camp here or start out now?” I asked kindly. “The mountain hides many secrets,” said the old man in a cackle. “But what do YOU think?” I said with more exasperation. “I said the mountain hides many secrets!” yelled the old man and suddenly a lump of snow slid off the back of one of the canvas tents, falling hard on the man. I guess that means yes, I thought to myself.

The answer I needed the mountain had given me, so I called out to Tyler and Teddy. “I think we should head out now, but we have to follow the rules. If it is past four o’clock and we haven’t made it to the dig site, turn back,” I insisted. With all in agreement, we trudged on. However, it was snowing so hard that none of us could see anything. Some how we finally stepped out of the spindrift and into clear skies. To our astonishment, as far as the eye could see, was white snow with a great mountain in the distance. It was so big it blocked the sun from the sky!

It was nearly one when we made it to the first checkpoint. All we could see was an orange flag in the middle of the col. The sherpas must have placed the point there, because no one from the West could have been strong enough to reach the spot so fast. Being brought up by sherpas I was strong and quick and adapted to the extreme climates. So my partners and I set up our tents and tried to go to sleep.

Day 2 – Camp 1 to Camp 2 – I hardly got any sleep because of the intense cold. We ate a quick breakfast then we loaded our digging tools and left Camp 1. “Hey where is Teddy?” I said. “Oh no look!” yelled Tyler. I looked where Tyler was pointing. “Oh God!” I screamed as I ran over to Teddy. He was on his face, and it looked as if he had rolled out of the tent and fell asleep. I turned him over and it was a horrible sight. Teddy had frostbite all over his face. “Teddy wake up! Don’t die on me!” I cried. He mumbled something awful showing us he was still alive, but barely. “We have to go back!” I said. “No, we can’t go back, we’ve come to far to go back!” protested Tyler. “Fine we’ll try and salvage his face,” I said. So reluctantly, I held Teddy’s arms behind his back while Tyler lit his lighter and drew it ever closer to Teddy’s face, thawing the frozen flesh. I looked away as Teddy screamed in agony. We bandaged up Teddy’s face with some socks and set off. After the horror and the stress of the day, it wasn’t until late in the night when we made it to Camp 2. Our mission to find the DNA was not complete but we’re hopeful of reaching our goals soon…

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