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Mt. Hostile


by Ali Ehlen

August 12, 2002

Ilene Drover, member of the See The Sights Committee of Travel Magic, Inc. has had a unique adventure on Mt. Hostile, the highest, stormiest mountain of the lost mountain range, Finderskee Perz, in Bhutan. She was picked as one of the five climbers to take on a very dangerous expedition to Bhutan, where no one is aloud to enter unless they pay big money. Ilene tells her story:

“A year or so after I found out I was picked for the trip, we left. We didn’t want to spend the money, so a tunnel ‘ad to be built, see? The diggers started in India, telling the Indians some lie or another. The diggers gave us a couple o’ feet to break through. When we, the climbers, finally got in the tunnel, we found they left us more than that. Took us five days straight up. We’ad to dig little ‘oles to sleep in, see? We were so lost in digging and wondering what ‘appened, that we ‘ardly realized our need of oxygen. Besides, we’ad all climbed K2 with ‘alf as much as usual.

“When we finally broke through the ground, we stepped out into three feet ’o fresh snow, and looked around. The diggers ‘ad made a mistake, see? We ‘ad’t come up at the base of Mt. ‘Ostile, we’d come up at the very top. There weren’t any storms, and all was calm, not like when we were on K2. We were the same team both times, me, my brother Wolfgang, Danny B. Nanna, Ella Vator and Sandy Beech. We all reached for our oxygen masks, only to find that we couldn’t find them. We must have left them in one of the ‘oles we dug to sleep in. Now we were at the top, we didn’t want to go back searching for them, see? After enjoying another five minutes at the top, we decided to go back down, for we ‘ad just missed a big snow, and for all we knew, it could come back real soon. We didn’t want to be stuck on a mountain that we didn’t know during a snowstorm.

“So we tromped back down, ‘aving a bit o’ trouble, because the thin air, but ‘appy anyway. As we neared a little cave, Sandy looked up and pointed out the ‘uge billowing storm clouds a-rollin’ our way. Within eight minutes, snow was fallin’ in sheets, and we needed cover. So we ducked into a cave, thinkin’ ourselves lucky that we ‘ad found shelter. But once we ’ad settled in, very squished, we turned around, and saw this weird creature. It’s snout was six or so inches long, tapering to a point, it ‘ad no nose, and was foamin’ at the mouth. Three little round ears stuck out at odd angles from the chin. Its body was like a dog, except for the fact that it was very skinny. In fact it ‘ad no ribs, and on the tip of the tail was a claw. It ‘ad no fur, just an odd mix of scales and feathers. It was an odd dark blue color too. When it opened its mouth, showing its ugly teeth, we all rambled out of the cave.

“We ran all the way down through the waves of ice beating on us. Once, Danny and Sandy slipped. Actually I slipped first, pulling them with me. Lucky for us, Wolfgang grabbed me and Ella grabbed Sandy. But no one grabbed Danny. “’E fell, scremin’ and yellin’ all the way down. We four just stood shocked until we couldn’t ‘ear ‘im any more. Then we scrambled down, ‘oping to find Danny’s body through the storm, see? But we ‘ad no luck.

“At the bottom of the mountain, we looked around and you can guess our surprise when we saw Danny, alive, though covered with snow. “’E told us that ‘e ‘ad slid all the way down, and luckily avoided rocks. “’Appy that we were back together, and afraid that we could be caught by the Bhutan people, we, even though we were exhausted, sprinted to the India/Bhutan boarder and told our story.

“We found out that the creature that we saw was worshiped by all people of Bhutan and they would ‘ave been kind to us, ‘ad we told them we ‘ad seen it. Who would ‘ave guessed?!”

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