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Man Overcomes Climbing Fear After Third Flight of Stairs


by Unknown

April 09, 2002

Boulder, CO - Local resident John Tesh, has finally overcome his fear of climbing, he reported to his mother on the telephone last Saturday. Tesh has been admiring the feats of local climbers ever since moving to the trendy Colorado town from Kansas last year.

"Finally I just said what the heck, I gotta start somewhere," the 300 lb Tesh told his mother on their weekly telephone call. So, after buying a helmet from the local K-Mart, and looking for a high place to climb he finally settled on the centrally located RTD parking garage.

"The first time was pretty hard, I was a little nervous and stuff but I didnít tell no one that I was going, in case it didnít work and I was embarrassed. I made it to the up the second flight of stairs and didnít even piss myself. After that trip my confidence was bolstered. I think now I can go up a little higher each time and not have to cower in fear and ride the elevator back down."

John said that he did the second flight ascent a couple of times and then carefully planned the third flight trip for over three weeks. He told us that he stocked up on energy bars and drinks, bought an oxygen tank, some clothes lines and even got a map of the parking garage and a schedule of the busiest traffic times.

"I definitely did not want to be in there when all those other people were around. But I wanted to be sure that I got everything I needed for the third story ascent."

Tesh, not to be confused with the more famous new age singer of the same name, told us that he has always dreamed of one day hanging out with cool people in high places. But ever since he fell off his Dadís shoulders and hit his head as a child he has been really afraid of heights.

"It was bad, it got to where I couldnít even live on the second floor without having some sort of anxiety attack. Back in Kansas there wasnít much in the way of hills or rocks to climb on, if a rock was in the way you just went around it! I just spent most of my time at my job at the Dairy Queen or sitting around on the couch watching outdoor shows."

"I moved to Boulder so I could be like all the dudes I saw in the magazines and on the TV shows with the short messy hair and goatees. All those guys are the ones that get the girls."

He said that for information and technical advise he consulted a popular website devoted solely to climbing, even though the websiteís name sounded more like a camping resource.

Asked what is next after this stunning technical feat Tesh smiled smugly and said, "the top floor is the limit!"

Daniel Harris

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