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Sixteen Pins


by Ilana Stern

December 29, 2001

Some people say a man is made outa mud
A big-wall climber's made out of muscle and blood
Feet like a spider, arms like King Kong,
A mind that's weak and a grip that's strong

Ya hammer sixteen pins, and what do you get,
Another pitch higher up off of the deck
Saint Peter don't you call me, cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the REI* store... *[or MEC, or EMS]

I was born one morning when the rain didn't fall,
I picked up my harness and I walked to the wall,
I climbed sixteen pitches of 5.9 A5
My belayer said, "What? You're still alive?"

Ya hammer sixteen pins...

If you see me climbing, better step aside
A lot of men didn't, a lot of men died
Pitons of iron, superior skill
If the tricams don't get you, the rope drag will

Ya hammer sixteen pins...

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