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Bouldering Grade Conversion Chart


by Unknown

December 29, 2001

Hueco Font. (sandbag) Font. (accurate) UK Tech Aus Tech YDS (US) French Tech
V1 6b 3 5a/b 22 5.11c 6c+
V2 6b+ 4-/4 5b/c 23 5.11d 7a
V3 6c 4/4+ 5c+ 24 5.12a 7a+
V4 6c+ 5-/5 6a 25 5.12b 7b
V5 7a 5/5+ 6a/b 26 5.12c 7b+
V6 7a+ 6a/6a+/6b 6b 27 5.12d 7c
V7 7b 6b/6b+/6c/6c+ 6b/c 28 5.13a 7c+
V8 7b+ 7a/7a+ 6c 29 5.13b 8a
V9 7c 7b/7b+ 6c+ 30 5.13c 8a+
V10 7c+ 7c/7c+ 6c+/7a 31 5.13d 8b
V11 8a 8a 7a 32 5.14a 8b+
V12 8a+ 8a+ 7a+/7b 33 5.14b 8c
V13 8b 8b 7b/7b+ 34 5.14c 8c+
V14 8b+ 8b+ 7c 35 5.14d 9a
V15 5.15

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