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Last Great Problems on Gritstone


by Editor

February 19, 2001

Talent, power, stamina, bottle, technique, squeeky clean boots, 'unusual' gear, frontal lobotomy, belay slave, spotting circus, 1000 worth of Metolius mats. These are some of the requirements for potential suitors of Last Great Problems. Choose your line, spend a life-time getting good enough to do it, and then pull the crucial pebble off.

This is a compendium of selected hard grit routes (E5 and above) catagorised by difficulty, boldness, tricksomeness and absurdity.

The aim of this list is to provide further information on these routes for the on-sighter (such as crucial or trick gear), and to highlight particularly soft and hard routes within a grade. Also included are relatively new routes that haven't made it into guidebooks yet.

Routes at the top of a catagory listing tend to be a soft touch for the grade, and routes at the bottom of a catagory list outright sandbags! Liberal pinches of salt should be taken daily.

Read the complete list at The Grit List.

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