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Tips on Cleaning Carabiners and Camming Devices


by Kelly Bates

December 29, 2001

These tips originated from posts on rec.climbing and are not necessarily the opinions of the Camp4 staff...

  • use an air compressor to blow out the gunk
  • or just use good ol' soap and water followed by triflow
  • WD-40, but use sparingly, remember dirt is attracted to oil
  • an ultrasonic bath with a small brush
  • teflon-based mountain bike lube for lubing cams
  • if you visit a marine climbing area, wash regularly in fresh
  • silicon spray products lubricate without leaving an oily residue.
  • soak everyting in kerosene (remove all webbing of course) for a few minutes
  • white gas and a light scrub with a metal brush
  • Black Diamond recommends TriFlow and Metolius recommends a dry graphite like LockTite
  • wax based bicycle lubricant White Lightning
Try a few of these suggestions and see what works best for you. However, it is a good idea to keep all solvents away from the nylon webbing of your cams and quickdraws.

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