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Loving It To Death: Traffic Jams on El CapitanLoving It To Death: Traffic Jams on El Capitan

Editorial CommentaryOn classic big wall climbs across the west, crowded routes and a community-wide increase in speed climbing prowess are causing traffic jams and pileups.

The best routes are crowded for a reason; they are the best. It has always been a problem, but there is at least twice as much traffic as 10 years ago on most routes, and the advent of speed climbing has exacerbated the friction. Read More »

Climbing Turkey Rocks, Post-HaymanClimbing Turkey Rocks, Post-Hayman

Photo EssayThe first good vantage of the scope of the damage was from the slight saddle near Quivering Quill; and even it looked south, where only a few square miles of lightly burned land was visible. Seeing nothing but small swatches of green amongst large tracts of brown and black made us very quiet. We stood and just looked at it for a long time, the scale too large to really comprehend. And still, we were just on the southern edge. The valleys north had burnt for another thirty miles, in the middle of the inferno on its fastest days. Read More »

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The Beak, A girl named Jess, The Beak, (v?), Castle Rock, California, Photo by Dan Russell, Posted by Dan

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“One cannot climb at all unless he has sufficient urge to do so. Danger must be met (indeed it must be used) to an extent beyond that incurred to normal life. That is one reason men climb; for only in response to challenge does one man becomes his best.”

— Ax Nelson

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