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Camp4 Reader's Polls

Curious to see how you relate to other readers? If you have a good idea for a poll, send it to us.

How often do you climb in the gym (on plastic)?
Every day
A few times each week
Maybe once a month
Only when the weather is bad
Only through the winter
Only a few times ever
Never climbed plastic

Additional Polls

1. World's Greatest Mountaineer?

2. My idea of the perfect day would be...

3. In all honesty, I prefer...

4. What do you enjoy most?

5. How long have you been climbing?

6. Do you support recreational user fees on federal land?

7. What grade do you boulder?

8. What is your favorite rock type?

9. How often do you climb in the gym (on plastic)?

10. How many days a year (on average) do you climb?

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