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Poetry For Climbers

So You’re Into Pain

by Charlotte Johnson

December 08, 2004

So you’re into pain
got a thing for whips and daisy chains
but… I think you can be tamed
you’re really too sexy to have a set of stove legs.

I have heard about the guys before me
the likes of Robins and Harding
so why do you always make my courting an epic siege
it seems you’re rather easy on Super Hero Dean.

Maybe you’re just picky
could it be you hate me
remember the last time I tried and you forced my retreat
toyed with my emotions on a whip of forty feet…

Yet there is inspiration within defeat
something about the pitons in your cracks that borders upon kinky the way
I’m left feeling needy; how you swallow nuts is more than hot your
seductive glowering when I attempt to hit the spot.

It feeds the granite passion of virile lust, but you threw the C4 guys a pitch 22…
changed corners and let Lynn pass on through!


by Amine Ben Aniba

December 08, 2004

That is not why I climbed that mountain
Although the mountain is famous
That is not why I packed my bags
Never knowing if I would return

I am as free as the rock and ice
Yet the cost of losing me would be dear
I represent my spirit
That wants to be in air

It is not for the challenge
Though the challenge is great
I like each step to be remembered
Scratched in rock and ice

I make claims to myself
With no reproach
The highest I can be
I must physically get there

I climbed that mountain
Because the word exists
I climb
Because that is my nature

Tenaya Moonlight

by Robert Walton

February 24, 2005

Like friends parting
Before uncertain journeys,
Clouds clasp hands
Across an autumn moon.

Tenaya muses,
Its waters black,
Still as space,
On snow’s return, on ice.

I cease peering -?
The breeze is chill -?
Clip to the doubled rope,
Check my anchor twice,

And back off
Pywiack’s edge –
Step down granite
Into shadow.

I smile unseen
In night’s belly
At my folly, my friends,
To watch moonlit clouds flow.

What game did we play
With fate, night and cliff?
What made us pause -?
An autumn moon’s charm?

Or perhaps regret,
More felt than understood,
That beauty eternal
Should end so soon.

Cold Cold World in Colorado

by Suzanne Stroh

July 20, 2006

Hanging from my tools.
Dripping brittle draping icefall.
A lifetime in every swing, remember that.
See the perfect placement point, then bow the head.
Shattered shards on helmet and shell.
Step up in, brave the freezing water.
Every drop that runs down me
Is one more that does not
Grow the canopy, rivulet into pinnacle.




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