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Oniva Picnic Time Fusion Chair Review

The ultimate portability for every camper

It is no secret we all love comfort, whether this is the outdoors or a simple picnic in our home. Gone are the days of using your oversized gallon water bottle as a makeshift chair next to the campfire and wishing you bought a camping chair for some additional comfort and luxury. However, picking the right one seems to be a problem for many.

Doing research on camping equipment, I came across this chair and simply had to try it. Many people tend to label it as a camping chair, but the Oniva Picnic Time Fusion Chair is much more than a simple camping chair. Using it for well over a year and taking it to numerous outdoor events, I grew fond of the chair and simply had to share some of my experiences.

If you are looking to upgrade your own camping gear, or perhaps add a portable chair to the fray, you should stick around to read this review:

Technical Specifications:

  • Completely foldable to the attached table
  • Massive 19.5-inch width for the largest of users
  • 350-pound weight limit
  • The insulated cooler can be attached removing the need for a heavy cooler
  • Solid table folds out with excellent stability
  • Solid fabric loop design that supports most common umbrellas
  • Available in 3 different colors for each member of the family
  • Lifetime Guarantee included


The Oniva Picnic Time Fusion Chair is one of the most modernized camping chairs on the market today. It has been designed to be a campers and backpackers delight with the lightweight aluminum frame, offering some of the best durability for campers. Weighing in at only 12-pounds, the chair is simple and easy to carry when folded. I have used the attachment to my backpack, barely even noticing the added weight.

Since being a large person makes it harder to find the right gear from time to time, this chair certainly stands out. With 350-pounds being the maximum weight limit, it is ideal for everyone. Even children falling in the chair should not cause any tears.  I should mention, the 19.5-inch width offers the ultimate luxury in a camping or portable chair.

When considering any camping gear, I believe the versatility is one of the most important aspects to look at. With the Oniva Picnic Time Fusion Chair, you have a table on the one side and a detachable cooler on the other. This cooler is fully insulated and with a little bit of ice added, it keeps your beers cold for the entire day, no matter the temperature. I also enjoy having a morning coffee and using the foldable table as a stand.

What strikes me as impressive is the two additional pockets that are added for your electronic devices. With so many features already included, this might seem like something they would neglect. However, these pockets are water-resistant for those unexpected showers. Adding your umbrella should combat this and make the chair better for wet conditions as well.

While the table has excellent stability when attached correctly, I have found myself struggling to fully attach it. Sometimes it might sag a little, causing some frustration when your drink tips to the ground and spills all over. However, with a little bit of work and playing around with the chair, you should sort out this problem in no time. Just make sure the table is securely locked before storing your coffee.

What we like:

  • A definite bargain for all the unique features
  • Multiple storage areas including the insulated cooler
  • Folds and attaches to your backpack
  • Extremely durable with a massive weight resistance
  • Fully versatile with the ability to add an umbrella if needed as well
  • Lifetime Guarantee

What we didn’t like:

  • The set up is rather tricky at first
  • There are cheaper models, but they might not have all the same features

Should You Buy This Portable Chair?

If you love exploring and having fun in nature, this will be an excellent chair to consider using. It is slightly more expensive than others are, but as mentioned, the features are really hard to come by. Especially all of these features combined into one chair. It is not only a camping chair as many people might suggest, but I would rather rate it to be a multifunctional chair for all your outdoor needs.

I believe this chair is an investment. You might pay a little more than usual now, but instead of constantly replacing the chair, you save in the long-term. Additionally, the cooler bag is not needed anymore for the single camper or backpacker on day-trips. This insulated cooler actually works much better than my earliest expectations.


The focus of the design is to provide users with a once-off chair that will meet all of their outdoor needs. As mentioned, the features enable you to use it in virtually any situation. I prefer adding the “Sport-Brella Versa-Brella All Position Umbrella” since it comes with a universal clamp. Not only can you use it for your chair, but most other camping gear will allow you to add it.

Your days of uncomfortable camping situations and makeshift chairs will definitely be a thing of the past with the Oniva Picnic Time Fusion Chair.



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