ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair Review

No matter where you are, nothing can close to the luxury of having a comfortable chair. The chair is one of the first things that you pack when heading outdoors and the thing you are using the most. The ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair is designed to make it easier and give you more comfort when traveling with a chair.

If you start searching for a portable or camping chair, you will find hundreds of great options. Some of them are expensive, while others have an affordable price for those on a budget. We have decided to give the ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair a shot, allowing us to make an assessment and find pout how it stacks up to some of the best brands.

Technical Specifications:

  • 9-pound weight
  • Holds up to 300-pounds
  • Can be folded for easy carry
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Includes an insulated water bottle holder
  • 5-inches wide for additional space
  • Includes a security pocket for valuables
  • Can be carried with a shoulder strap



One of the first things that you will notice when you are using the ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair is the design. It is much wider than most of the other chairs with a width that spans almost 20-inches in total. Ideally, it can be used by a large individual, but you also need to bear in mind that the weight limit is 300-pounds.

Linking to the design, it is important to know that it has been constructed from aluminum. The aluminum frame will hold it up quite well and it has been coated to prevent the exposed parts of the frame from rust. This will combine to add a lot more structural integrity to the chair when you want to0 use it often.

While the purple color is not the ideal color that I would take, you can find it in a whole host of different colors. All of these colors look great when outdoors. The chair is made for people of all genders, but we have not been able to find a slightly smaller chair that will be more comfortable for the female campers around.

Before you go out, or when you are done, you need to transport the chair from one location to another. Now, this can be really easy if you are driving directly to the camping destination. However, you might need to walk a fair distance some times. Fortunately, the chair can be folded and it includes shoulder straps that will fit you like a backpack.

One can never have enough pockets for storage and we see this again with the ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair. Not only does it have an insulated compartment for your water bottle, but a zippered pocket is also added. The pocket is water-resistant and will do a lot when you have some valuables that need to be protected.

Comfort and adjustability seem to be the main theme when looking at this chair. It has an adjustable armrest that can be moved to make it better suited for each specific individual. If you have a drink and you don’t feel like using the water bottle pouch, a small table can be folded open. The table has decent tensile strength for a couple of things.

Since it will primarily be used outdoors, many people have wondered how it stands up to water. The chair is not completely waterproof, but since it does have a fair amount of polyester woven into the fabric, it can dry out quite fast. The additional canvas might give you comfort, but you might not want to leave it in the rain too often.


At a total of only 9-pounds, the chair is not only ideal for camping, but it can also serve a massive purpose when it comes to backpacking. The straps used for carrying it can be attached to your backpack to ensure the chair does go with you. However, it can be a little heavy of an accessory for many people that go light.

The biggest complaint we have does pertain to the carry straps. As you might know, they are not padded and can often cause some abrasions when carried for too long. Additionally, you won’t be considering these straps to be the most durable of the lot out there. It is best to use them sparingly whenever possible.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Multiple pockets for valuables and beverages
  • Water-resistant materials added
  • Available in a whole host of different colors
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Many consider it expensive
  • The straps are not comfortable for long distances

Is The ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair Worth Buying?

For most people, having a great chair can make their lives easier. Whether you are camping or going to a festival, a decent chair will make your life much simpler. The ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair has a lot of great features that make a great case for buying the product. It is designed for those that like comfort and luxury.

Unfortunately, the price is a little steep for someone that only needs a casual chair. However, this chair might be one of the last chairs you buy due to the durability of the materials used in the construction. The addition of the limited lifetime warranty will give you some peace of mind. We would recommend it to people that are outdoors often and need some comfort.


Nothing beats comfort and luxury, especially when you are breaking away and you don’t want to spend all the time on your feet. The ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair might be one of your favorite chairs in no time. It can also be used at home, as part of your garden set when you have many guests coming over with limited seating space for everyone.

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