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Babu Chiri Sherpa Has Died


by Unknown

April 30, 2001

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Babu Chiri Sherpa has passed away unexpectedly falling into the crevasses at Camp II at 1600 hrs on 29 April 2001. He was camping at Camp II in the western CWM of Everest. It is believed that he was trying to take pictures from different corners around CII, and he fell into a unknown crevasse.

His body was recovered this morning at 0900 hrs by one Sherpa and 2 western climbers from about 30 m deep down crevasse. His body is being ferried down to the base camp today.

We pray to Lord Almighty to help his soul rest in eternal peace. Babu Chiri, man of the man and the macho of the man kind has left us all sadly.

bikrum, sangita and binita Himalaya Center, Nepal 30 April 2001


We are very sorry to inform you that Mr. Babu Chiri Sherpa bestowed with 2 world records on Everest. (1)- Spent 21 hours on summit of Everest without auxiliary oxygen. (2)- Fastest Ascent of Everest 16hrs. 56 minutes. And ten times summiter of Mount Everest met with an unfortunate death due to accident on 29th of April 2001 at camp II. Approximately around 4 P.M., while he was leading the National team M/S Kathmandu Metropolitan Everest Expedition 2001.

Regards Babu Sherpa (Managing Director)

Babu Chiri Sherpa, had a dream, not to Summit Everest in 16 hours, or to sleep the night on the Summit. He had done both. His dream was to build a school for his six daughters in his small village in Nepal. You see Babu "never saw the door of a school". He learned to read, but from his own studies. He wanted a better life for his daughters than frankly having them carry someone else's gear up Everest.

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