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Anatoli Boukreev Memorial Fund


by Editor

March 24, 2001

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The Anatoli Boukreev Memorial Fund was created to celebrate Anatoli's spirit by providing financial and logistical support for cross-cultural climbing exchanges involving young mountaineers from Anatoli's region, the Tien Shan and Pamir mountains, and from other ranges of the world.

The goals of the Fund are to promote mutual understanding and friendship across cultures though shared love of mountains and mountaineering, and to support the styles of high-altitude training, ascent, and environmental sensitivity that Anatoli exemplified.

The Anatoli Boukreev Memorial Fund has supported two young Kazakh mountaineers on an expedition to the United States and an American climber's expedition to the International Mountaineering Camp in the Tien Shan where he and two partners from Kazakhstan climbed the spectacular and technical Khan Tengri (7010 meters). We supported a joint Kazakh-US expedition to Shishapangma (8008 meters) which reached the summit and made the first snowboard descent of an 8000 meter peak. The Fund also donated climbing and training equipment to the climbing clubs of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

With this strong beginning and with your ongoing support and interest, we will continue to provide financial and organizational assistance for future exchanges, joint expeditions, and high-altitude training camps, to celebrate and strengthen the bond of friendship shared by mountaineers around the world. To learn more about this Fund please see our website

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