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News From the Valley


by Editor

June 10, 2005

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For those who weren’t here this weekend (all seven of you), Yosemite Valley was a crowded place. Parking in the Valley quickly filled up completely on Saturday and Sunday, and in order to prevent a complete dead lock of cars the NPS closed access to the east valley for brief periods throughout the day. Through constant traffic control and temporary detours, we managed to keep things under control, barely. Huge thanks to all those who put in long hours directing traffic, and another huge thanks to those who were considerate and understanding while waiting in that traffic.

The weekend isn’t quite over, but so far things have been thankfully relaxed on the emergency front. A variety of tweaked knees, dehydrated hikers, and other off road injuries have kept us running in circles, but so far everyone (visitors and rescuers) are holding up.

Camp 4 Coffee:

The biggest topic at this week’s coffee was bears, specifically those at the base of El Cap. Spread the word, tell your friends, forward this message ten times and get lucky… this is a huge deal and we need your help. Everyone (weekend warriors and locals alike) DON’T LEAVE FOOD AT THE BASE OF THE WALL!

All food in Yosemite Valley must be in one of six places at all times (for visitors and employees alike):
  • With you
  • In a locked bear locker
  • In a locked bear canister (available for rent at the Valley Wilderness Center for $5)
  • Out of site in your car DURING THE DAY
  • Inside a closed building
  • Well off the ground on a climbing route
IF YOU CAN GET TO YOUR FOOD WITHOUT AID GEAR OR JUMARS IT IS NOT STORED CORRECTLY (or legally). Do not hang your food in a tree; doing so is useless (and illegal). We’ve already had to kill one bear this year after it became conditioned to human food and showed aggressive behavior toward visitors. Climbers: this one is on our shoulders, let’s step up to the plate and save this animal.

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