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Colorado Climbers - OSMP Visitor Master Plan Important City Council Meeting


by Sean Hudson

March 24, 2005

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Climber Attendance at this Meeting is Vital!

Tuesday, April 5 6:00pm

City Council Chambers

Municipal Building

1777 Broadway (corner of Broadway and Canyon)

City Council will comment on the final draft of the Open Space/Mountain Parks Visitor Master Plan (VMP), and decide whether to accept the plan. Public comment will be taken. The final draft of the VMP contains unnecessary restrictions such as no off-trail travel in Habitat Conservation Areas (HCAs) Numerous climbing / bouldering areas are located within HCAs (Mickey Mouse Wall, Sacred Cliffs, Upper Peanuts Wall), and this restriction will make it illegal to access these destinations. Furthermore, the Open Space Board of Trustees (a group primarily consisting of rigid preservationists who have repeatedly shown their hostility toward recreational interests) has recommended "extreme caution" when planning new trails in HCAs (read: no new trails)

If you care about continued access to your public lands, please show up for this meeting and voice your concerns! Our city officials will construe a lack of climber turnout as a lack of interest on the part of climbers, and the plan will likely be approved as a result.

You can learn more about the VMP at: and


Please also take a moment to contact city council, and let them know that a ban on off-trail travel in HCAs is unacceptable.

You may contact the City Council in several ways. You may send an e-mail to , you may call at 303-441-3090 or send a fax to 303-441-4478. You may send a letter to:

City Council
P.O. Box 791
Boulder, CO 80306

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