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New Developments In Fight To Save Arizona's Oak Flat


by Editor

March 24, 2005

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The Arizona congressional delegation is about to introduce a land exchange bill into Congress that will lead to the destruction of the Oak Flat bouldering area east of Phoenix. For more back ground on this issue see

The Access Fund recently received a copy of the draft Southeastern Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2005. See . The draft bill fails to identify the "replacement climbing areas" promised to the climbing community. This is because they will be located on public land - which we (as the public) already own! Furthermore, the land exchange bill fails to consider the massive environmental destruction that will occur at Oak Flat and environs if this land exchange--and the consequential mining proposal--are allowed to go forward unchallenged. We have to fill our elected officials mailboxes letting them know there is a better approach to this mine.

Although recreation at Oak Flat has been protected from mining by executive order for over 50 years (see ) these prohibitions could be swept aside by this impending land exchange bill. Your help is urgently needed to preserve the unique climbing opportunities on the public land at Oak Flat.

For talking points addressing the bill's many problems, a Congressional letter-writing template, and the addresses of your US Senators and Representatives, go to the Access Fund's website at

Arizona climbers need your help today - the only way we can save Oak Flat is by demanding that our elected officials consider a more balanced approach in the Southeastern Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2005 - take a few minutes and write them today! For more information contact the Access Fund's Policy Director, Jason Keith, at

News courtesy of the Access Fund.

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