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Lucy Creamer, First Woman to Pull Off M9?


by Unknown

March 01, 2001

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"Britain's Lucy Creamer has just returned from Ouray, Colorado, where she dabbled in a spot of ice climbing. Having previously managed the odd trip to Scotland and the Alps she quickly put up a new M9 and became the first woman in the world to do so (we think!)."

Do you think that's correct? I just assumed there has been a woman to climb M9 by now. If anyone knows for a fact please let us know for sure. But until then, we are going to go with this news. Either way it's impressive!

"Ice climbing is not all Lucy can do though... On arrival back in the UK last week, she popped down to South Wales for the second round of the BICC's and promptly won! In the last year she also managed to Onsight Ghost Train, E7 6b, at Pembroke, and had a very successful trip to the Dolomites with Airlie Anderson, the highlight of which was the first female free ascent of the Brandler Hasse route on Chima Grande (18 pitches, F7a+ on traditional gear and pegs)."

Go Lucy!!!

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