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Proposed RV Park Near Red Rocks, Nevada


by Scott Conner

March 11, 2004

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Despite its “wilderness feeling” (indeed, most of Red Rocks is federally designated wilderness), Red Rocks is located only a short distance from Las Vegas- one of the fastest growing urban areas in the country. The metropolitan area, with a current population of 1.4 million is growing at an average rate of 50,000 people per year. To accommodate the influx of new residents, nearly 18,000-acres of desert are developed for commercial and residential use each year. The very qualities that make Red Rocks desirable for outdoor enthusiasts also make the area a target for developers. In 1997 an out-of-state developer proposed to construct an RV park near Red Rock that would accommodate up to 900+ RVs. In 2002 a British developer proposed an 8,000 home master planned community on Blue Diamond Hill, located on the eastern boundary of the NCA within view of all the major climbers at Red Rocks. The proposed Cielo Encantado development would provide homes for 21,000 people, and construct a four-lane highway, schools, commercial centers and other associated developments. A project of this magnitude would have disastrous impacts that would forever change the unspoiled character of Red Rock. The Access Fund submitted comments to the Clark County Commissioners opposing the proposed development ( and also encouraged climbers to write to the Commissioners.

Two citizen-led initiatives to preserve the unique character of Red Rocks were recently approved. The Clark County Commissioners passed a local ordinance (ORD-0785-02) establishing development restrictions near Red Rock and the Governor signed a bill (SB358) freezing zoning in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. As important as these measures are, they do not completely prevent development adjacent to Red Rocks and developers can still build within local zoning regulations.

Support the Las Vegas Climbers Liaison Council ( If you think Red Rock Canyon should be protected from development, please take a moment to write to your elected officials. Links to Nevada county, state and federal officials, as well as more information on efforts to protect Red Rocks can be found at For suggestions on writing to elected officials, refer to the “Activists Toolkit” ( on the Access Fund website.

You can also help preserve access and a healthy environment at Red Rocks by adhering to the following ethics:
  • Know and respect environmentally sensitive areas. Fragile plants and soils, wildlife habitat, and riparian zones require special care.
  • Use established trails to reach climbing destinations whenever possible, or seek out durable surfaces (slabs, rock, etc.) for cross-country travel.
  • Treat the rock gently. Leave the rock and the surrounding area in its natural condition. Minimize chalk use and clean up spills.
  • Dispose of human waste properly. Whenever possible use restrooms. Otherwise, bury waste and pack out toilet paper.
  • Support stewardship efforts by joining clean-ups, trial days, and impact mitigation projects.

Area Description

Located 10 miles west of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is designated as a National Conservation Area. Only the seventh such area in the country, Red Rock NCA encompasses 197,000 acres and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Red Rock Canyon offers an exceptional variety of high quality climbing opportunities on beautiful Aztec sandstone. Red Rock is regarded as one of the finest areas in the country for those who enjoy long continuous cracks and steep face climbing. (

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