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CSAC's 6th Annual Online Auction open now!


by Editor

December 12, 2003

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CSAC provides some important services to all winter mountain recreationists. Please go and look through their resources and consider bidding on their auction items. Support the nonprofits that are trying to help keep you alive out there, and be safe!

The Sixth Annual online fundraising auction for the CSAC Avalanche Center is now in progress. All donated items will be closing on December 16. (Some avalanche safety items from the CSAC Store are being added throughout the auction and may close prior to the 16th).

Items being auctioned include:

* avalanche safety equipment from the CSAC

* Snowshoes - Three different models!

* goggles and sunglasses from Bolle and Smith

* outerwear from Ride Snowboards

* cleaning and waterproofing products from Atsko and Nikwax

* packs from Salomon and Lowepro

* a dozen or more outdoor books

* a variety of other outdoor items

Visit the auction for a complete list. All proceeds support the operation of the CyberSpace Avalanche Center.

Visit CSAC's auction site here for more information and to bid!

The CSAC Avalanche Center is the oldest, largest, and most established internet resource for avalanche safety and science information. In the seven years they have been online they have established tremendous growth. CSAC continues to serve the winter recreation community, the avalanche professional community, educators, and the general public around the world.

Snow avalanches are the single greatest threat to mountain recreationists in winter. The growth in backcountry use continues to skyrocket, and as a result so does the number of people at risk. While many are quick to promote mountain recreation there is significantly less interest in promoting safety awareness and education. The CSAC believes that more resources promoting avalanche safety are essential in order to enable people to make informed choices in the backcountry and in their activity planning. The CSAC is a non-profit organization, entirely volunteer- and sponsor-supported, run by a small number of dedicated individuals with backgrounds in mountain guiding, education, science, and outdoor retailing.

CSAC is the only international organization devoted entirely to snow avalanches. They are currently established with non-profit designations in both the US and Canada, and continue to strengthen their presence in Europe. Their primary goal has always been to serve the general public with information and education. CSAC maintains the largest and most comprehensive database of accidents and avalanche courses anywhere.

CyberSpace Avalanche Center (CSAC)
131 NW 4th St Suite 397, Corvallis OR 97330

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