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Third Annual Flagstaff “Trash Bash” – Cold, Wet, yet Impressive


by Willie Mein

September 18, 2003

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Boulder, CO - Over one hundred and twenty people showed up at the 3rd Annual Flagstaff TRASH BASH to pickup a ton of trash in the freezing rain.

“The turnout was amazing. The Front Range climbing community really comes through for the Trash Bash. What I found really impressive was the number of people there….” - Chris Lesher.

Conditions for the event could not have been harsher. “It was so cold; the beer in the tap was frozen” said event organizer Willie Mein. It rained and sleeted during the entire cleanup, and the fog was as thick as pea soup.

“I have never been more impressed with the local crew! The weather SUCKED and they all seemed undeterred.” - Adam Frederick

The volunteers who showed up and bushwhacked in the rain to cleanup stacks of trash earned all the stuff we gave away, and a ton of admiration and respect for their effort.

“I’m super impressed with the turnout, the volume of trash, and by the effort of the volunteers who were standing in the cold rain, sorting the recyclables out of the trash. That’s a bold statement, … amazing.”- Rick Hatfield, Ranger, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks.

An estimated 2,000 pounds of trash was collected and roughly 40% was recycled. Among the broken bottles, cigarette butts, cans, and other garbage, the volunteers found car tires, an old guard rail, and all sorts of nasty clothing and used personal items (if you can think of it, they found it).

In addition to picking up trash, raising awareness is the other goal of the Trash Bash. “Littering is not cool”, and organizers were especially excited to share that message with the dozen of teenagers who came up to help out.

“The kids had a great time and feel pretty good that they helped the mountain look a good bit better.” - Todd A. Mayville -English Teacher & Climbing Team Coach, Adams City High School

Over $3,000 in products and services were donated by local business and distributed to the volunteers who came to the event.

“The Trash Bash was a lot of fun! My co-workers and I are so glad we attended your event. You had so many great sponsors, ..” - Danielle Bajus, Marketing Coordinator, Institute for Creative Education

Once again, organizers were extremely pleased that they accomplished the goal of cleaning up Flagstaff, but this year everybody earned style points for suffering too.

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