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Support the 2003 Clean Anchors Campaign


by Unknown

June 26, 2003

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With the 2003 Clean Anchors campaign, the American Safe Climbing Association will replace 200 webbing anchors with quick-links––steel anchors that are stronger, more durable, and have a lower profile. Clean Anchors will focus in Yosemite, Tuolumne, Red Rocks, Joshua Tree, and other areas across the country.

Why replace webbing with steel quick-links? Leaving webbing on a climb may be appropriate when there are no bolts, or when a rappel must be made from a tree. However, on bolted anchors, webbing is usually undesirable because it is:

Dangerous – Sunlight, weather, and use will weaken webbing. When added slings accumulate, it’s hard to know which pieces are strong.

Unsightly – Brightly-colored webbing on a cliff is an eyesore to land managers, tourists, and hikers. The more we reduce visual climbing impacts, the less likely climbing access will be restricted.

Inconvenient – ropes generally do not pull smoothly through slings.

How to join Clean Anchors

As in all ASCA programs, contributions from individual donors are essential. In 2003, ASCA replaced over 40 webbing anchors with quick-links. To finish the remaining 160 anchors, we need your contribution. Donating is as easy as clicking on “Make a Donation” below. Follow Clean Anchors’ progress by checking in with us below. If you are interested in cleaning up the anchors at your local crag, or if you come across webbing anchors that need replacement, please notify ASCA by email at

Visit the American Safe Climbing Association website to learn more about this campaign and see what routes are planned to get new clean anchors.

Make a tax-deductible donation with your Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal account

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