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Thirteen Year Old Climbs Half Dome in a Day

 Thirteen Year Old Climbs Half Dome in a Day

by Unknown

June 26, 2003

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Scott Cory, of Brentwood, California has just completed another record breaking climb in the Yosemite Valley. Nearly two years after his record breaking one day ascent of "The Nose" of El Capitan, Scott set off for a new record, climbing Half Dome in just one day. Scott succeeded beautifully, spending a little over fourteen hours on the route. Scott is now the youngest person to ever have climbed Half Dome in one day. Amazingly, at just thirteen, Scott has one day ascents of two of the most famous big walls in the world.

Scott climbed Half Dome with climbing great, Hans Florine. Hans has been a mentor to Scott from the very beginning of his climbing career. Two other climbers accompanied them on the route. The climb was filmed for the National Geographic "Today" show.

What makes this one day ascent really special is that according to the Yosemite guidebooks, this route usually takes three days. It includes a three hour approach to the base of the climb, and a four hour descent after climbing the 2000 vertical feet of Half Dome.

Scott got his first taste of big wall climbing when he climbed the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite back in September of 2001. This climb was filmed for a documentary that will be ready later this summer. He liked it so much he went on to climb the Nose again in October of 2001, this time in one day, to raise money for the victims of September 11th. Scott became the youngest person to climb The Nose, and also the youngest person to climb The Nose in one day. Senator Tom Torlakson honored Scott with a Certificate of Recognition for his climbing and fundraising achievements.

In addition to training for this record breaking big wall endeavor, Scott has been competing for his sixth consecutive year in the United States Youth Competition Climbing Association (USCCA). Scott just wrapped up the Divisional Championships in Washington, and he'll be heading to Virginia in July for the National Championships.

Scott has been climbing since he was seven years old. He is a member of the United States Youth Climbing Team. He has had the opportunity to climb all around the world, and thanks his sponsors, The North Face, Brentwood Dodge, Bolle', PETZL, PMI and MET-Rx for making it all possible.

Check out Scott's website for the air date of the "Today" special and for further information about Scott's adventures.

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