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climbXmedia goes offline, citing lack of industry support


by Editor

May 01, 2003

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30 April 2003, from the climbXmedia website:

Two and a half years ago Edward Loughran and Marc Russo founded climbXmedia as a potential online climbing community.  Our goals were simple:  daily content, major visuals, and entertainment.  We were not trying to be a magazine, or just another copycat web site.  We wanted to produce content that would attract the movers and shakers as well as the first time climbers on a daily basis.

We started off slowly, publishing high quality films and photo galleries.  We took the time to figure what our direction should be.  We spent a lot of time listening to you the climbXmedia user.

With the help of Mike Call and the support of climbers like Cooper Roberts and Joel Wolpert we were able to bring you more than just another climbing website.  We covered events in real time, we brought you Pro Tips, Interviews, exclusive guides and made it easy for you to find the films you were looking to buy.  Our commitment to real content from the core made climbXmedia grow from a website to a member of the climbing community.

When it comes to the community's support climbXmedia has been a total success.  We get feedback from people all the time through email and at the crag telling us that climbXmedia motivates them during the long winters and helps keep every climber connected.  Unfortunately positive feedback and massive traffic don't pay the bills and allow us to expand the content that you are asking us to provide.

Our attempt to raise money through advertisements has fallen short of our goal.  We have good indication that the community would pay for the experience but opted not to go this route.  Some climbing companies stood behind our idea, but most never saw climbXmedia as a worthy part of our community.  Looking at the current horizon we have decided to go offline for now.  This decision was reached after much internal discussion and very strong efforts to get the climbing companies to take a different view toward us.  For now we have failed to attract solid support.

We would like to thank all the climbers who visited the site, as well as all the companies that saw a unique opportunity in supporting us:  Scarpa, Black Diamond, Stone Age, Atomic, Tug Shop, Flashed, E-Grips, Petzl, Pusher, the PCA and So-Ill Holds.

Special Thanks to all the climbers who contributed videos, photos and articles.

We have enjoyed bringing you the content of climbXmedia.  Thank you for embracing our idea.

Marc Russo, Edward Loughran and Mike Call

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