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Gross Reservoir, CO -- Popular Front Range Bouldering Area Closed


by Editor

March 13, 2003

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Denver Water (DW) officially closed Gross Reservoir (a.k.a., Damnation) in the last week of January. The bouldering area was located on Boulder County Open Space property, which was being leased from the BLM. DW, Colorado's largest water utility company recently acquired the property. According to DW officials, the property was acquired to consolidate management of the utility company's holdings in the vicinity of the dam. The officials also cited "heightened security concerns" near the dam as a reason for the acquisition. The Access Fund has not been able to reach an agreement with the utility company to allow bouldering.

Climbers should refrain from using this area, as Denver Water plans to aggressively ticket trespassers.

News provided by the Access Fund.

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