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Access Fund to Host Climbers for Political Action


by Editor

March 13, 2003

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On May 15, the Access Fund will host the first ever "Climbers for Political Action" media event at Great Falls Park, outside Washington, DC. This groundbreaking occasion is intended to improve relations between climbers and government, and galvanize climber activism in support of legislation and regulatory initiatives that benefit climbing in the United States. The event will also will serve to educate members of Congress, Congressional staff, officials from federal resource management agencies, and leading environmental organizations about recreation issues and values, as well as efforts by the climbing community to support important conservation causes.

"Climbers for Political Action" will accomplish three goals: (1) Provide a forum for legislators and agency officials to speak on public lands policies; (2) Help the Access Fund expand its network of contacts and relations in Washington; and (3) Raise awareness about climbing and climber-supported legislation. The AF will accomplish these goals by organizing and executing the event at a high standard of quality and professionalism, and by drawing members of Congress and high-ranking public land managers to participate. "Climbers for Political Action" will give Congressional members an opportunity to promote the merits of their legislative agenda before a diverse audience, provide a forum for agency officials to illustrate their land management goals, and will offer climbers and environmentalists an opportunity to demonstrate their support for these initiatives. We anticipate that additional Congressional members and agency officials will present remarks as well. Other attendees include Access Fund staff and volunteers, local climbing organizations, local climbers, and area business owners.

"Climbers for Political Action" will promote informal discussion among attendees, Participants are encouraged to enjoy lunch and test their climbing prowess on both an artificial wall and on Great Falls's crags. Members of local and national print media (i.e. Outside Magazine and The Washington Post) will be invited to attend and report on the inaugural "Climbers for Political Action" event. Local television stations will be recruited for visual news coverage. For more information, contact Access Fund Policy Director Jason Keith at

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