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Banff Mountain Grants Available


by Editor

February 09, 2003

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Applications are now open for the 2003 Banff Mountain Grants. This year, the grants program will award a total of $20,000 CAD to projects that communicate the nature and culture of the world's mountain places.

"The Banff Mountain Grants allow us to support projects that make connections between mountain people," says Bernadette McDonald, vice president, Mountain Culture, The Banff Centre. "Like all of our Mountain Culture programs, these projects communicate mountain ideas, experiences, and visions from around the world." The Banff Mountain Grants program is supported by Mountain HardWear.

Previous grant recipients have included a vertical dance project, a film on Tibetan culture in exile, a photo exhibition on the effects of mining in the Appalachian Mountains, a book on the ice caves of the Canadian Rockies, a field guide for Nepalese national park staff, a play about Canadian mountain explorer David Thompson, and an interactive CD-ROM about Mt. Logan, among many others.

Individuals or organizations from any country may apply for grants of up to $5000 CAD to fund projects that interpret the environment, natural history, human heritage, arts, philosophy, lifestyle, and/or adventure, in and of the mountains. Proposals should include a communication component (film, literature, photography, public presentation etc.) that brings the project before a public audience.

Information on the Banff Mountain Grants application process is available at, by email at, or by phone at 800.298.1229.

The deadline for applications for the 2003 Banff Mountain Grants is June 20, 2003.

News courtesy of the American Alpine Club.

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