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Massive Development Threatens Red Rocks Viewshed


by Editor

October 01, 2002

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The ridge on the east side of Red Rocks National Conservation Area outside of Las Vegas, Nevada is the site of an enormous housing development proposal by a British developer that would forever change the view from much of Red Rocks. John Laing Homes intends on placing 8,400 residences directly across from the hundreds of outstanding climbs at Red Rocks. This development (to be called Cielo Encantado) will attract 21,000 people, and require the construction of a four-lane highway, schools, commercial centers and other associated developments. Many locals and government officials oppose this proposal. Ownership of the site is currently comprised of 2,000 acres held by James Hardie mine property and 1,000 acres of BLM land. Laing has a fifty million dollar option on the property contingent on Hardie being able to trade 500 acres of scattered land for the 1,000 BLM acres. The proposal is also contingent upon Hardie obtaining changes in the zoning and land-use of the area from Clark County. To write letters of concern or for more information, check out or contact Access Fund Policy Analyst Jason Keith at

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