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What a new route at Buoux?


by Unknown

February 17, 2001

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Whoever would have thought that there's an unknown new 8b+ at Buoux? And that this 50m route climbs a line through the overhanging ‘Bout du monde’? Yes, the sector where routes such as ‘Chouca’, ‘La rose et le vampire’ and ‘Minimum’, to mention but a few, made sports climbing history in the '80's.

Well, this route certainly exists. Freed this summer by Antoine le Ménestrel, this completely natural line shares the same start as Chouca and then moves left at the fifth bolt to continue independently to the top of the face, at the "end of the world". An enormous, 50m journey with only one rest at half-height to reach game over. A game which Cristian Brenna finished second go in January.

Courtesy of Planet Mountain.

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