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Joby Ogwyn in the Hunt for the Seven Summits


by Unknown

February 17, 2001

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In 1999, at 24, Joby Ogwyn was the youngest American to conquer Mount Everest. Now Ogwyn has set his sights on a loftier goal: becoming the youngest mountaineer to climb the highest mountain on each continent—the so-called Seven Summits.

Ogwyn’s next test, and the final hurdle in his quest, is Antarctica’s 16,067-foot (4,897-meter) Vinson Massif. Just 800 miles (1,287 kilometers) from the South Pole, Vinson Massif is the kind of place where kerosene can turn to jelly and fillings have been known to drop out of teeth. Its -20°F (-29°C) temperatures and seemingly impregnable 70-mile-an-hour winds promise to truly challenge his climbing sensibilities.

A successful climb will mark the end of Ogwyn’s quest, which began when he scaled Mount Kilimanjaro in 1996. By conquering Vinson Massif, he’ll join the 52 other Seven Summitters and secure his place in mountaineering’s history books.

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