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Three Climbers Die and Rescue Copter Crashes on Mt. Hood


by Unknown

May 31, 2002

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Three climbers were killed and six others injured in a fall on Mt. Hood. A party of four climbers fell 800 feet from the summit. They then slid into a party of three and then into a party of two. All nine climbers slid into the bergshrund/crevasse. Three of the climbers died from injuries sustained during the fall, and the other climbers suffered from injuries ranging from broken bones to hypothermia. It wasn't long before a bad situation turned worse when the HH-60 Pave Hawk rescue helicopter with a full crew crashed into the mountainside while pulling the third climber out of the crevasse.

However, on a positive note, no climbers or rescue members died in the copter crash. Amazingly enough, one of the copter's crew released the cable which was about to lift the third climber out of the crevasse just moments before the crafts rotors made contact with the snow.

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