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8 Year Old Cicada Jenerik Sends V7


by Sean Hudson

April 09, 2002

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At 8 years and 37 days old, Cicada Jenerik is believed to be the youngest Female to send a V7/7A+ boulder problem. On March 31 she sent the sharp, crimpy Monkey Bar Traverse (V7) at the Kraft Boulders, Calico Basin, NV.

Climbing for just a little over a year, Cicada also climbs in competition. In the Youth Climbing League, she flashed all but one route in the entire season, placing first in overall, difficulty and speed. She is currently competing in the USCCA and is a close second to US Youth Team Member Tiffany Hensley. Her competition goal for this year is to place in the top four at Nationals which will secure a spot on the US Youth Team.

Cicada's short-term goals include climbing a V8 while she is still 8 years old. She also says if she could, she'd move to Bishop, CA in a heart beat, and spend every day at the Happy and Sad boulders. We are sure you will hear more from this young lady very soon.

Camp4 chats with Cicada. Read the interview.

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