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World's Longest Climbing Streak?


by Editor

March 31, 2002

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What is your longest climbing streak? one week, ten days, a month? How about 300 days? That is what Roland Perry, 37, can say. What started out as an attempt to get himself in better shape, Roland is now wondering if he has a world record with his climbing streak.

Roland, who was laid off from EnvisioNet Computer Services last May, said, "I am in the midst of what may be the longest climbing streak in history. Nobody seems to know. I have gone over 300 days in a row for at least half an hour (each day). It might not seem like a long time, but try climbing on the edge of your ability for 4 or more hours straight while balacing out life and work. I started May 28, 2001 and am still climbing every day. The goal was to get better and to go for one week straight. This was a tough goal and once completed I tried for one month. That was really hard. Today it is part of everyday life and a way to eliminate stress. I have met every goal I ever would have thought I could by doing this. While my climbing is sub 5.13, it has made me really fit. While I learn how to move, my climbing improves along with my strength. I was training, doing pulls, and hangs...but no longer. Climbing itself is now enough training. It had given me an incredible amount of strength I never got lifting weights."

Just how long can he keep up? Roland says, "The goal now is a full year, which is less than 60 days away. It should be easy. I have sprained my ankle, been sick three times, lost my voice for a week, and really sore for days on end. People say I should stop, but I refuse.

Roland contacted other climber to find out what is the longest standing climbing streak. Roland said that Hans Florine had not climbed more than 150 days in a single year. Maybe, Roland does have the longest climbing streak. All we can say is good luck with your goals and hope you don't get burned out.

Read more about Roland's story in an article in the Sun Journal.

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