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Rancho Cerro Gordo is Closed


by Editor

March 01, 2002

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As reported by gear_junkie on

As this is being posted, Kurt and Elaina are being screwed over by their partner Mel Gutierrez. Yes, good old Mel...the guy that shut down the party a few years ago right before new years is now out to take RCG from Kurt and Elaina.

Mel is laughably claiming that the entire business is his and nothing belongs to Kurt and Elaina. Of course, Kurt and Elaina built the entire place and used their funds to continually upgrade it. They are also the ones who traveled the world promoting it as well as the ones paying for the website etc. Their so called friend Mel is now taking their entire business away from them or at least trying to do so. Mel is threatening to have them arrested as well as sue them. They are currently seeking legal counsel in Mexico and Kurt will be writing up a detailed account of what exactly is happening to them once it is all resolved. In the meantime, we strongly urge those wishing to come to El Potrero Chico to stay away from Rancho Cerro Gordo as it is currently being run by two-faced thieves and cheats that are a disgrace to the human race and the mexican people especially. It's amazing what ignorance and greed will do to the common man.

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