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Steve Schneider Makes Fourth Attempt at Three Towers of Paine


by Hans Florine

February 11, 2002

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Steve Schneider made his fourth attempt this season to solo all three Towers of Paine, but he was rejected before the third and final tower. A storm rolled in an hit him while at an open bivouac (his second of the season) on the South Face of the second tower.

The following is an excerpt from a recent email from Steve Schneider retelling his ascent of the second tower and hasty retreat, "then started the british route on the central tower at 9:05 am and summiting at 6:37 pm for a 9:32 climbing time, then made seven rappels down the unknown south face route to an open bivouac. In the morning the wind started cranking as a storm moved in and the remaining ten rappels were a full blown epic in howling winds, with stuck rappel ropes, and wind assisted rockfall, and cutting short his attempt at the solo trifecta."

Despite being denied on four attempts of the Towers, Steve has trimmed down the ascent time of the the Monzino Route, on the North Tower of Paine. On each attempt he keeps breaking his previously set records. On his first attempt this season, he broke Hans Florine's record (90 minutes) with a time of 71 minutes. The he trimmed it down to 45 minutes on his next attempt. Then on his fourth attempt of the three Towers bid, he managed to knock off another 10 minutes, to an amazing time of 35 minutes (starting at 7:25 am and summiting at 8:00 am).

Also in Patagonia this week...

John Rzeczycki and Ralph Ferrara climbed a new route on the north summit of the North Tower near the route "Suerte Para Manana", all free except for one pitch.

Chris Van Leueven from Bishop, CA and Canadian Paul McSorley climbed the British Route on the Central Tower in about six hours.

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